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Editors Desk

Reviewing it wrong

How do you balance timeliness with meaningfulness?

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What no indie developer wants to hear about the App Store

I fear pop apps, not indie apps, are the future of the App Store.

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Putting the 'More' in iMore!

The age of the phone is over — the age of what's built on the phone is just beginning.

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Samsung should make a not-Apple TV

Samsung has been most successful when it's made products specifically to fill gaps in Apple's lineup. When you couldn't get an iPhone or Verizon, Samsung made sure you could get a not-an-iPhone on Verizon. When you couldn't get an iPad that was smaller than 9.7-inches or an iPhone that was bigger than 4-inches, Samsung made sure you could get not-an-iPad at 7-inches and not-an-iPhone at up to 6. They were never as polished as what Apple eventually released, but they existed and people bought them. In some cases, in droves.

When Apple started making those products, however, and there was no longer a need for not-an-iPhone or not-an-iPad, Samsung faltered. While the Apple Watch is coming this April and the Apple Car might follow one day, the Apple television doesn't seem to be leaving the labs any time soon. So, maybe that's an opportunity for Samsung to make a not-Apple television?

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Where does the iPad fit?

Earlier this week I wondered what might be possible if Apple made an iPadOS. Based on the feedback I got, many people seemed to assume I was petitioning for "yet another operating system", different in kind from iOS. In other words, one more thing for Apple to have to manage or maintain. To be clear — I wasn't. What I was petitioning for was something akin to WatchOS — a variant of iOS optimized not for the smaller wearable but the larger tablet.

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Cheers, TUAW: Thank you and fare you all well!

Six year ago I arrived in San Francisco ready to cover my first Apple event — Macworld 2009. It was Apple's last appearance at the show, Phil Schiller was giving the keynote instead of Steve Jobs, and my then-boss, Dieter Bohn, wasn't coming in until later. I was alone in a new place, doing a new thing, and totally unsure how to go about any of it. Then I chanced upon the folks from TUAW.

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Comics and columns and podcasts, oh hi!

The only constant at iMore is change. Go ahead, make your name jokes. I'll wait. All done? Okay. So the new year means new features here. Some of them you've seen already and some more are coming in February and beyond. So what's here and what's near?

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What do you want to see from iMore in 2015?

It's December 29, 2014 and I'm sitting at the gate at the airport waiting to board yet another flight to San Francisco. (Yes, it's for an event. No, it's not for an Apple event. More on that in the next couple of days!) Like late night flights, early morning flights offer the opportunity for reflection and the chance to ask the impertinent questions. Such as: What's coming up for iMore in 2015?

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What if Apple had a high-profile VP of App Store?

The successes of the App Store are well documented. There are millions of apps for iPhone and almost as many for iPad. Billions of dollars have been paid out to developers. Dozens of platform-defining apps have shipped. And the problems are just as well known. There's uncertainty about which apps will be or will stay approved. Premium apps continue to be devalued. Discovery and search are still a challenge.

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The big one

There was an energy preceding WWDC 2014. Anyone who knew anything had a look about them. Just wait until you see what we have planned for you!. And then we got iOS 8, OS X Yosemite, and the biggest functional increase and developer SDK since the addition of the App Store in 2008. That same type of energy is preceding the September 9 event. It's product guys instead of software engineers, but it's the same look. Just wait until you see what we have planned for you!. This, as they say, is the big one.

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