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App Store now highlighting "Pay once & play" games with no in-app purchases

The iPad and iPhone App Store now has a section featuring games that you pay for upfront and then play without ever paying again. It's called "Play once & play," and it's a freemium hater's dream: dozens of excellent games from big studios and independent developers, all free of in-app purchases. You pay anywhere from $0.99 for Almightree: The Last Dreamer or Epic Eric to to $19.99 for Dragon Quest VIII, and and everything in between including Minecraft and the truly-bizarre Goat Simulator.

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Hercules: The Official Game brings hack-and-slash dueling to iPhone and iPad

Trying to ride the hype of the theatrical release of the movie Hercules, Glu is launching Hercules: The Official Game for iOS today. This game builds on all of the well-known Hercules story lines to bring a hack-and-slash dueling game with various hero characters to choose from, and different melee, magic and ranged attacks to go to battle with.

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Apple App Store 'freemium' apps being investigated by Italian regulator

Google, Apple and Amazon are being investigated by Italian regulators over freemium apps. It's no secret that the freemium model for financing apps on mobile app stores have taken off in recent years. Simply doing a quick search on popular mobile platforms today will yield hundreds of results for freemium games and apps, initially free-of-charge to download, but sporting in-app purchases. The issue is whether or not consumers are being misled.

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Hacking the freemium model with a Lego robot while the gamer sleeps

If you’ve ever felt freemium city-building games on iOS were a little repetitive, you may want to employ a robot to your aid, like Uli Kilian has done with Lego Technic and an Arduino. He’s set up his game of Jurassic Park Builder so that 11 dinosaurs that you tap regularly for rewards are close to one another, and programmed the arm to tap each of them at their designated timer intervals. For example, one dino offers up rewards every ten minutes, and another every fifteen minutes. By putting his iPad on a series of Lego wheels which move the screen around as needed, and an arm that taps the target areas and can also hold to pan around the park, Uli can have his game collecting resources 24/7.

You know the phrase "I could do this in my sleep"? Uli actually does.

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Twitterrific for iOS goes free, adds in-app purchases

Twitterrific, the popular Twitter client for both iPhone and iPad, has just been updated to version 5.7 which brings with it a new freemium model. While new users can try before they buy, those who have already purchased the app will have all features unlocked automatically.

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Gameloft lets loose the Sons of War with Brothers In Arms 3 at #CESlive

Mobile game developer Gameloft - makers of great games on both iOS and Android - are working on a new installment of their popular Brothers In Arms games series. Brothers In Arms 3: Sons of War will be released as a free-to-play game, and it looks great on the iPad. Check it out!

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Wake up to Puzzle Retreat's sliding block puzzles

After a weekend spent lazing around the house, partying, or lazily parting, it can be tough to get your mind sharpened back up for the new work week. What better way to get the brain juices flowing than a devious puzzle game?

Puzzle Retreat is just such a game, coming from Australian developer the Voxel Agents. With more 60 free levels of block-sliding challenge (and many more available for in-app purchase), it will thrill - and stump - even the most intellectual gamer.


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EA drops a double F-bomb on Madden 25: Freemium and Facebook

Without fail, every year, we see updated titles to key franchises from EA, with a Madden NFL title being one of them. This year sees a milestone for the Madden series, with Madden 25 being the – you guessed it – 25th release. They've really gone to town on the console versions of the game, and in some regards the mobile version too. It looks incredible, has excellent controls for the touchscreen environment and all the licenses you can shake a stick at. But it's also the single most enraging game experience I've had in a long time. In short, EA has ruined this once great franchise with two 'F' words; freemium and Facebook.

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The problem with In App Purchases (and what to do about it)

We've dedicated a lot of space here on iMore to the issue of In App Purchases (IAP). Rene and Georgia have discussed it on The iMore Show; Rene has opined about it separately; it's even come up on Talk Mobile. Now I have a modest solution for one way to deal with it. Read on for details.

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EA reveals, not surprisingly, the freemium future of FIFA Mobile

EA has today announced yet another of their premium mobile titles will be heading down the freemium route. The next release of FIFA Mobile – or, FIFA 14 as it'll likely be known as its console equivalent – was the topic of discussion during EA's Gamescom press conference in Germany.

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