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Apple improves UK online shopping experience with live chat and guided tours

Apple has upgraded its online Apple Store shopping experience in the UK with the introduction of live online chat, guided tours and product training. The new service has been rolled out for potential iPhone and iPad buyers in the UK to help them make the correct buying decisions.

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Leaked training manual shows the do's and don'ts of being an Apple Genius

If you've ever been curious about what it takes to be an Apple Store Genius, a leaked internal training manual may provide those answers for you. If you've ever worked in retail, none of it will be a big surprise to you. Dealing with customers is dealing with customers, whether they're upset about their Mac, the pants they just bought, or the auto part they want to return. This manual just puts it all in an Apple Genius context. So, you must remember things like "Apple products never get hot, only warm" or that "A Mac doesn't crash, it stops responding", among many other interesting tidbits.

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Apple removes highly criticized Genius ads from its website and YouTube channel

Apple has removed the set of three Genius ads from its website and YouTube channel with no explanation; they have just vanished. The three ads were originally aired during the Olympic Games London 2012 opening ceremony and received a very mixed reception. The ads were quite different to anything Apple had done in the past and mixed strange situations with bit of humor.

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Apple's Genius Bar reportedly handles 50,000 appointments a day worldwide

Apple’s Genius Bar apparently deals with 50,000 appointments a day from all around the world. The appointments involve iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, iPod, Apple TV, and Mac repairs, and whichever way you look at it, it’s a huge number of appointments. The information comes from The Loop who managed to get a meeting with Apple to discuss its retail operations after Apple opened its 374th and 375th retail store in Canada.

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Three new commercials focused on the Apple Store Genius debut during Olympic Games opening ceremonies

Apple aired three new style commercials during the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympic Games; which is currently being held in London. The new style commercials are quite cheeky and unlike anything we have seen from Apple before. They are quite tongue in cheek and show a blue shirted Apple genius in each advertisement, coming to the rescue of customers.

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Apple Stores exchanging white iPhone 4 models for 4S models due to supply constraints

Some Apple Stores in the United States and Canada are experiencing major supply constraints problems with the white 16GB iPhone 4.

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Thieves using Apple Stores to replace stolen iPhones

Acoording to a report by Reuters, Apple’s generous customer service may be causing huge problems for victims of iPhone theft. The warranty plan is tied to the iPhone and not the person who owns the phone; this means anyone can take an iPhone to an Apple Store for service or replacement.

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Siri will pour your an ice cold beer with Beeri

The folks over at Red Pepper Land came up with an ingenious way to get Siri to pour you a cold glass of beer, completely hands free, using Twitter, an Arduino controller and an R/C toy car. They call it Beeri, and I want it..

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Top 5 apps that help you find more and better apps

TiPb checks out the best apps that help you find even better apps to load up on your iPhone or iPad

Have an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, looking for more and better apps but need help sorting through the hundreds of thousands piled up in the app store? Want to find more apps like your favorite or get alerted when apps and games go on sale? No worries, we've got you covered. Read on for TiPb's top 5 apps -- and web sites! -- that help you find more and better apps!

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Genius Recommendations return to iTunes

Back in September, when iTunes 10 launched, Apple introduced their new Ping social network. This was followed by iTunes 10.0.1 which added the Ping drop down options but also replaced the Genius sidebar with a new Ping sidebar.

Earlier this week, Apple made some server-side changes (which means we don’t have to update iTunes), and now Genius Recommendations have returned to the iTunes sidebar.

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