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Hatch brings virtual pet gaming into the iPhone age

Hatch for iPhone revives and redefines virtual pet gaming. It's like the Tamagotchis or Giga pets many of us remember growing up with, but taken to an entirely new level. With awesome graphics and tons of items to unlock, there's lots of fun to be had inside the entirely hand drawn world of Hatch.

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Hatch seeks to re-invent the digital pet for the iPhone age

Digital pets are nothing new. Tamagotchi were a craze in the 2-bit, low-res days. Yet, back then, they were hindered by technology that was insufficient to realize the vision of either their creators or their users. Flash forward to 2012 and Impending, in collaboration with RealMac, aim to make the genre what it was always meant to be -- with Hatch.

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