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How to Make a Better iPhone Home Screen (Springboard) Concepts

Ocean Observations brings us a couple concepts on how they'd improve the iPhone Home Screen (Springboard). The first, above, embeds a tiny CoverFlow for apps at the bottom of the screen. While interesting, since Springboard currently supports only portrait mode and icon view, as TiPb's asked for before, why not let it rotate to landscape for full-screen coverflow?

Next video concept, and another idea from Tog after the break!

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What's on YOUR iPhone Home Screen?

My home screen is incredibly boring. Because I have a few devices, and I do a lot of testing with them, I also have to restore them fairly often and it's gotten to the point where I just leave everything in its default location because it's a) easier than rearranging and b) I don't have to hunt for stuff I haven't rearranged.

So, my second screen has become where I move my non-default, but still more often used apps. Typically the exact order will vary due to the reasons above, but the apps are fairly consistent.

I'll list out what I use after the break, but we're really more interested in what's on YOUR iPhone home screen and why. If you're willing to share a screenshot, jump on over to our TiPb iPhone Forums, attach it, and share the details!

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iPhone Ninjary: How Get More Than 11 Home Screens in iPhone 3.0

Daynah from PHP-Princess.net just couldn't abide the meager 11 pages and paltry 180 apps provided by iPhone 3.0, so she went about forcing Apple's SpringBoard home screen manager to give her more. How did she do it?

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