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Location Based Reminders

Reminder+ for iPhone review

While the default Reminders app can get the job done, some people's tasks are more granular than what the iPhone supports natively. Reminder+ is one of those third party apps that steps in to solve a lot of the issues with the default Reminders app.

In this case, if you've got a lot of location based reminders, Reminder+ allows you to easily set them up with as many locations as you'd like. It also has support for timers and alarms built right in.

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Location based Reminders working in iOS 5 beta 4?

If location-based Reminders weren't working for you in previous iOS 5 betas, give iOS 5 beta 4 a whirl and see if you get alerted when -- er, where -- you leave or enter an important-to-remember place.

Thanks Ryan!

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