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House of Cards Season 4 available on Netflix: Watch on iPhone, iPad and Apple TV now

If you're looking for something to do this weekend then go ahead and fire up Netflix on your favorite Apple device, House of Cards is back for Season 4.

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How to watch US Netflix in Canada - VPN Guide

Netflix may be cutting off VPN access for some customers, but Canadians can still take advantage of these iOS apps to experience content that isn't available in their home region

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Netflix adds support for 3D Touch and iPad Pro

The Netflix app for iPhone and iPad has hit version 8.0, adding support for 3D Touch and the iPad Pro's resolution.

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After going global, Netflix starts cracking down on proxy users

Netflix recently became available in 130 more countries, but unfortunately not every area is able to access all of its content. While Netflix works on licensing agreements, it will begin preventing customers from using proxies and unblockers to access more content.

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Netflix expands to 130 new countries, including India, Russia and South Korea

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings revealed during his CES 2016 keynote speech that the streaming video service has gone live today in 130 new countries, including India, Russia and South Korea. He also said that the company is working to expand to China in the near future.

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Netflix rumored to announce expansion to India at CES 2016

A new report claims that Netflix may reveal its plans to launch in India next week as part of its CES 2016 announcements. The deal may include a partnership with an unnamed Indian telecom firm so the service can run on 4G networks.

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Netflix will be increasing video compression—so what about Apple?

Netflix is talking about upping the compression on videos that are less action-oriented. In most cases, that'll result in smaller file sizes that give customers more video for their bandwidth buck. So, why don't we already have that, especially for download services like iTunes where we could also save on storage?

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Jessica Jones is now streaming on Netflix

If you've been eagerly awaiting the arrival of Jessica Jones on Netflix, you'll now be able to enjoy the new US show, which is based on the Marvel comic character.

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Netflix raising price of most popular plan to $9.99 per month for new customers

Netflix will soon raise the subscription price for its most popular plan by $1 per month for new customers, meaning they they will pay $9.99 to stream on two screens at once in high definition.

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Netflix iPhone and iPad app can now accept subscriptions to the service

The Netflix app for the iPhone and iPad will now allow new users to pay for their subscriptions directly from those apps for the first time, eliminating the need for those users to subscribe from Netflix's website.

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