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McDonald's trial uses beacons to guide passersby to McNuggets

McDonald's trial with beacons in Columbus, GA to guide customers to its stores is a success. The company announced that using Bluetooth LE and an app developed by beacons supplier Piper, it was able to increase sales of McNuggets by roughly 8 percent in the store. With the beacon technology, McDonald's was able to push out offers to customers and passersby to save on Passbook for later redemption.

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How to customize Wallet for iPhone

Many different Passbook cards auto-update on their own without requiring you to do anything: Your balance will refresh on your Starbucks card, and if your gate changes at the airport, Passbook will alert you appropriately. If a pass isn't automatically updating, however, or you'd rather manually manage updating your cards, you can easily turn the automatic update feature on and off on a card-by-card basis.

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How to disable location services for Passbook on your iPhone

Passbook for iPhone may be a great tool for managing boarding passes, reward cards, and more, but some people just aren't comfortable with it being able to see their location. You can manage location notifications for specific Passbook passes but if you really don't want Passbook itself using your location for any reason, you'll need to disable the option altogether.

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How to reorder Passbook and Apple Pay cards on iPhone

Passbook is a convenient way to organize your loyalty cards, boarding passes, tickets, and even your Apple Pay-linked credit cards in one place. Once you start accumulating a lot of items in Passbook, however, you may find it gets rather cluttered. Luckily, you can sort and reorder Passbook cards so that your most frequently used cards are right where you want them.

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How to share a Passbook card on your iPhone

If you use Passbook on a regular basis to store things such as boarding passes, your hotel reservation, or any other kind of information, there are likely times when you want to easily share that information with someone else. Whether that's sending an Airbnb reservation with someone else traveling with you, movie tickets, or another kind of pass, Passbook lets you share cards in just a few taps!

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How to access cards on Wallet for iPhone

After you've added cards to Passbook you'll probably want to use them at your favorite places such as Starbucks, the drug store, and even at the movie theatre. To do so, all you need is your iPhone and the Passbook app!

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How to add, delete, and rearrange cards in Wallet on iPhone

If you've got an iPhone, you've got Passbook built right in. With Passbook you can add rewards cards, payment cards via Apple Pay, and more. Some apps even use Passbook as a convenient way to view information at a glance. All you have to do to get started is add a few cards!

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How to delete Passbook cards on iPhone

While Passbook is a great way to manage loyalty and payment cards, it can start to get cluttered after a while. That's why it's a good idea to clear it out here and there. Perhaps you have loyalty cards you never actually use, or you've replaced one card with a new one. Whatever the reason, deleting cards from Passbook is just as easy as adding them in the first place.

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How to disable Lock screen notifications for specific Passbook cards

If you use Passbook frequently on your iPhone, you may have noticed that certain passes can use your location and appear on your Lock screen while you're within the immediate area. This is so you can quickly and easily swipe up on your Lock screen to use your pass. The downside of this feature: no passcode is required by default, which could give someone access to your passes without your consent. If you're worried about privacy, but don't want to disable this feature entirely, never fear: You can turn it off on a card-by-card basis.

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How to refresh a Passbook card on your iPhone

If you've got a lot of cards in Passbook you may have to refresh them manually from time to time. You can do this anytime a balance doesn't seem to be accurate or if the last updated date was a while ago. Even though some cards can automatically refresh themselves, not all of them do. Luckily, refreshing them manually is simple enough.

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