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Passbook makes switching between different credit cards in Apple Pay simple

Apple announced its NFC-based Apple Pay payment system today that allows shoppers to go to physical retail stores and make purchases using their iPhone, rather than a physical credit card. With Apple Pay, users would just need to tap their phones to a compatible payment reader at their local market, and then the stored credit card information would be used for payments, making it fast, secure, and easy. It's similar to how the Softcard, formerly known as ISIS payments, and Google Wallet works.

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Alleged working iPhone 6 images and video leaked, showing new Passbook payment icon

A Chinese source named "zzray" has posted up images and a brief video on Weibo that allegedly show a fully working 4.7 inch iPhone 6, with a home screen that includes a Passbook icon with a image of a credit card, which may be proof of the phone's rumored NFC payment features.

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Best payment and wallet apps for iPhone: Square Wallet, PayPal, Passbook, and more!

Looking for the best iPhone apps to pay with at your favorite stores? The ones that will let you make your wallet digital? The App Store offers all kinds of payment solutions for iPhone. Whether you're buying online or going to a good old-fashioned brick-and-mortar, there are a ton of apps to choose from. But wish payment and wallet apps are the very best?

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Apple's Passbook passes are being used by Windows Phone 8.1 and Microsoft Wallet

When Apple introduced Passbook in iOS 6 they billed it as a way to store all your tickets, coupons, boarding passes, loyalty programs, and other cards all in one place. It's hard to imagine they expected that place to one day be Microsoft Wallet, but thanks to Windows Phone 8.1 that appears to be exactly what's happening.

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Debug 33: Ken Ferry on Auto Layout, Passbook, and Understudy

Ken Ferry talks to Guy and Rene about his time at Apple working on Cocoa, Auto Layout, and Passbook, and his new app, Understudy, which seeks to bring mentored learning into the iPad age.

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Apple Store app gets updated, Passbook gift cards break U.S. exclusivity

A year ago almost to the day, the Apple Store app for iPhone added support for Passbook integrated Apple Store gift cards that you could buy and send via email. Apple has now pushed an update to the app that adds the feature for some new countries, including the UK, Canada and Australia. Perfect for that long distance holiday gift.

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Passbook for iOS 7 to support scanning QR codes

Passbook wasn't specifically mentioned during the iOS 7 announcement at WWDC 2013, but it appears to be getting QR code scanning support on the new version of iOS. Seen here in this press shot from the iOS 7 portal at, the stock Passbook card clearly shows a "Scan Code" option in the top right-hand corner.

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Subway UK Subcard app adds support for Passbook

As time passes by here in the UK, we get word of another app adding Passbook support. This time it's Subway, with an update to their Subcard app that allows you to finally add your card to Passbook on your iPhone. Your Subcard ID and recent transactions can now be accessed from your Passbook wallet.

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British Airways finally adds Passbook integration to their iPhone app!

I know there's a few of my British friends who've been waiting on this one; British Airways has finally added Passbook support to their iPhone app! The update is pushing out through the App Store as we speak, and going forward all boarding passes will be presented in Passbook. There is however an issue with the app for anyone on iOS 5, and BA is advising users on this software version not to update at this time.

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Second Gear teases new app... using Passbook!

The fine folks over at Second Gear have a couple of exciting announcements this week: A new product, and a new service for developers. What makes these announcements particularly interesting is their use of Passbook.

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