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Photo Editing

Enlight for iPhone is a comprehensive photo editor from the developers of Facetune

Enlight is a new image editing app for iPhone by the developers of Facetune that packs in a wealth of tools, and hopes to be the only mobile photo editor that you need.

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Movavi Photo Editor for Mac adds background removal, text overlay, and more

Movavi Photo Editor for Mac has hit version 2.0, bringing a number of new features. Most notable among these is background removal, which works similarly to Movavi's existing object removal feature. The app has also added text overlays, horizon leveling and more.

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Photo editing tool Fotor makes in-app-purchases free for a limited time

With an update to version 4.5.1, photo editing tool Fotor is making all of its in-app-purchases free until June 27th. Fotor allows you to resize, crop, rotate and add effects to your photos easily. The app comes with a host of features, like the ability to create collages, add frames and borders, adjust brightness, contrast, saturation and add text and stickers to images along with depth-of-field effects.

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Snapseed for iOS updates with new HDR Scape filter, pre-iOS 7 users beware

Part of today's Google+ event announcements centered on Snapseed, and some new features coming to the Google acquired photo editing software. Of all of them, one much touted new feature was the HDR Scape filter, and the iOS application has just been updated with all the newness. But if you're not on iOS 7 you should tread carefully.

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Afterlight update now brings the filter-tastic photo editor to the iPad

Afterlight is a great photo editing tool for the iPhone full of filters, tools, and filters, and we're pretty big fans of it. Up until now, the only thing missing really has been proper iPad support, but that all changes with the latest update. That's right, Afterlight now comes with full, proper iPad support.

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Photoful for iPhone review: iOS 7-like photo galleries, meme creation, and editing tools all in one

Photoful for iPhone is a new photo gallery app that not only organizes your photos in a way that makes sense, but also lets you do almost all your editing and sharing in one place. The way Photoful organizes photos is also quite similar to the way iOS 7 will organize photos come fall. If you'd like to get a feel for what that'll be like, Photoful can give you a sneak preview right now.

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Pixelmator for Mac gets a major update, over 100 new features and improvements

Popular Mac photo editing application Pixelmato, has just received a major update pushed out via the Mac App Store. The Pixelmator team has been teasing the update -- known as 2.2 Blueberry -- in recent days on their blog, but today it has pushed out complete with over 100 new features and improvements.

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Edit your portraits to perfection with Facetune for iPhone

Facetune is a powerful photo editing app designed to help you edit your portrait photographs into perfection. Not only can you remove blemishes, smooth out skin, and enhance eyes, but you can also fix gray hair, fill in bald spots, defocus the background, and even reshape your subjects face.

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Snapseed for iPhone and iPad review

Snapseed is a photo editing app for iPhone and iPad that not only offers tons of features, but is extremely easy to use. Not familiar with RGB Curves, histograms, and other professional editing tools? Not a problem! What makes Snapseed so great, is that anyone can pick it up and produce amazing results even if they aren't familiar with professional editing techniques.

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How to use iPhoto to darken and add drama to your iPhone photography

This week our iPhone Photography series is going to be a little different. Instead of exploring a new technique for taking better photos, we're going to dive into the digital darkroom of iPhoto to improve an image we've already taken. It's always worth capturing the best possible photo you can with your camera. Thanks to photo editing apps like iPhoto, however, when and if something goes wrong -- the framing is a little off, the white balance or exposure isn't perfect, the levels just don't look right -- there's a lot you can do to fix it.

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