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Photo Stream

How to access your Photo Stream on iPhone and iPad

If you don't have iCloud Photo Library enabled, you have the option of viewing Photo Stream, which houses your 1000 most recent images or last 30 days' worth, whichever is greater. These photos don't count against your iCloud storage allotment and can be accessed on any device you own that's linked to the same iCloud account.

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How to enable or disable Photo Stream on iPhone or iPad

Photo Stream is a feature available to iCloud users: It automatically syncs images you take across all your devices. That means the picture you took on your iPhone at the beach will automatically be viewable on your iPad, no cords or syncing required. On iOS devices, Photo Stream will save either your 1000 most recent pictures or the last 30 days' worth of images, whichever is greatest. All you have to do is enable Photo Stream on all your devices. The best part? It doesn't even use your iCloud storage!

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How to enable or disable iCloud Photo Sharing on iPhone and iPad

iCloud Photo Sharing is part of Apple's iCloud service and lets you create Photo Streams that you can share with friends, family, coworkers, or whoever else you'd like. Other iPhone and iPad users can invite you to their shared Photo Streams as well. You can quickly enable or disable iCloud Photo Sharing on iPhone and iPad in just a few taps โ€”ย here's how!

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How to let others add photos to your shared Photo Streams

iCloud Photo Sharing lets you easily share photos with other iPhone and iPad owners in what's called a shared Photo Stream. Once you create the stream and they join it, they can view, comment, and like any photos you add. And, if you like, you can even let other people add photos to your shared Photo Stream. It's great for family and friends, for vacations, and for sharing pictures of the kids.

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How to disable notifications for shared Photo Streams

iCloud Photo Sharing is a great way to share photos with friends and family who also use iPhones and iPads. However, the more shared Photo Streams you are a part of, the more notifications you will receive. That means each and every time someone adds photos, you'll be notified. If at some point you find you're getting too many notifications, you can easily disable them on a stream by stream basis, or stop notifications from the Photos app completely.

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How to instantly share photos using Family Sharing for iPhone and iPad

Family Sharing not only lets you share iTunes and App Store purchases with other members of your household, but also gives you a way to share photos instantly. By using iCloud Photo Sharing, Family Sharing lets you share photos to a single stream that everyone in your family has access to. Once you've set up Family Sharing and everyone has joined, all you've got to do is start sharing photos!

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How to share Photo Streams with people who don't use iPhones, iPads, or Macs

iCloud Photo Sharing not only lets you share Photo Streams with other iPhone and iPad owners, but also gives you a way to share a batch of photos with virtually anyone through Once you choose to share your photos on iCloud, you'll be given a link, send it on to whomever you like, and they can view them with any browser on any computer they like.

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Yes, Camera Roll is gone in iOS 8 โ€” Here's where it went and why!

One of the first things many people noticed yesterday after upgrading to iOS 8 was that the Camera Roll and Photo Stream sections in the Photos app were completely missing. This left many people confused and alarmed as to where their Camera Roll photos went, and understandably so. However, your photos are not gone and nothing is missing. They're just in a different location now.

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How to set up and start using Photo Stream on your iPhone, iPad, Mac, and PC

Photo Stream is built right into the Photos app on iPhone and iPad. It's part of iCloud that seamlessly syncs your photos any time you're connected to a wifi network. Take a picture (or screen shot) on your iPhone or iPad and Photo Stream will store a copy of that picture on Apple's servers and push copies down to all your other iPhones, iPads, and Macs. Photo Stream will store up to 1000 photos, or 30 days of photos at at time. If you aren't yet familiar with Photo Stream, we can walk you through everything you need to get started.

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How to create and manage shared Photo Streams on iPhone and iPad

Photo Stream, a part of iCloud, not only backs up your your photos to Apple's online servers, but gives you an easy way to share them with friends and family who also use iPhones and iPads. Shared Photo Streams let you pass along as many photos as you want at once, which is a lot more convenient than emailing or texting tons of pictures. Not only that, your friends and family can also add their own photos and comment on yours. If you aren't sure how to start using shared Photo Streams, follow along and we'll get you started!

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