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How to use Reminders for iPhone and iPad: The ultimate guide

Reminders is Apple's interpretation of the task and to-do app. And here's everything you need to know about it!

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How to customize Reminders for iPhone and iPads

There are several options that turn the Reminders app into a virtual personal assistant.

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How to clear out Reminders on iPhone and iPad

Clear 'em out! Get rid of old reminders on your iPhone or iPad so that you're not re-reminding and re-re-re-reminding yourself!

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How to edit Reminders on iPhone or iPad

Reminders lets you add and change reminder priority, due dates, and more — all on one screen.

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How to set reminders and update to-do lists with Siri

"Hey Siri, add paper towels to the shopping list" is one of those things that makes you feel like you're living in the future.

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How to set up Reminders lists on iPhone or iPad

It's quick and easy to create reminders for yourself using Reminders for iPhone and iPad.

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How to share Reminders with Family Sharing

From shopping list items to household chores, packing lists to game day tasks, shared reminders are a great way to keep the whole family organized and engaged.

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How to use calendars with Family Sharing

Family Sharing makes it easy to share a lot more than just App Store and iTunes purchases — you can even share Calendars!

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How to create and share a shopping list with Siri and Reminders

Siri works great in conjunction with the built-in Reminders app. Not only can Siri create and add reminders to pretty much any list you have, Siri can also make it incredibly easy to manage and share a shopping list. So the next time you need milk or want someone in your house to pick it up while at the store, just tell Siri!

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How to create location-based reminders with Siri

Since the Reminders app for iPhone and iPad can use your location to dish up reminders based on where you are, Siri can add location-based reminders for you as well. Simply tell Siri what you need to be reminded of, and where, and you're done!

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