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Best Buy price-matches Target, offers the iPad mini for $199

The iPad mini is currently seeing a major discount at Best Buy, with the 16GB Wi-Fi version now available for $199. This is down from the iPad mini's normal price of $299. This deal is only available in physical Best Buy stores. If you want to buy new from Best Buy's website, it will run you $319.

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iPad mini now as cheap as the Nexus 7 at Target

Target now has a sale for the iPad mini that brings the price of Apple's non-Retina 7.9-inch tablet to $199, or the equivalent of last year's Google Nexus 7 when that tablet debuted. The sale price reflects a $100 discount on the iPad mini and the slate is available in either slate grey or white configurations so as long as you choose the 16 GB model with WiFi only.

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DODOcase celebrates their fourth anniversary with a four-day sale

DODOcase is celebrating their four-year anniversary this year, and to celebrate, they're holding a sale. Customers can get up to 40% off on most of the company's collections through the sale, which starts today and ends this Sunday, April 6.

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PDFpen for iPad and Mac on sale for 50% off

PDFpen by Smile Software lets you easily fill in, annotate, and otherwise work wonders with PDF files, and what's even better - there are versions for both the iPad and the Mac. I've used them for everything from marking up ebooks for editing on my iPad, to filling out government forms on my Mac, and they've worked terrifically well each and every time.

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The App Store five years later: 50 billion apps and over 575 million registered iTunes accounts

The App Store will celebrate its fifth birthday this year and Tim Cook has just announced some pretty amazing numbers from WWDC 2013. Not only did Apple recently surpass 50 billion app downloads, they've also paid developers a staggering $10 billion, with $5 billion of that being this year alone.

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Valentine's day app and accessory deals!

Happy Valentine's Day! Today's a day not only for love and romance, but for the crass commercialization of love and romance, and the modern world, that means sales, deals, special offers, and all manner of other enticements to not only get you to spend them day with the person that matters most to you, but spend your money on them. With that in mind, here are some of the best sales we've found so far:

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Karateka goes on sale for Valentine's Day, get it now for only $0.99

Jordan Mechner's Karateka, the original Apple II game given brilliant new life on iOS, is currently on sale for only $0.99 for Valentine's Day. It's very nearly a steal at that price. If you haven't already, go grab it now and help True Love save Mariko!

Also, fans of the game won't want to miss:

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Get great deals on iPhones and iPads at Best Buy, RadioShack, and Walmart

Several retailers are offering discounts on the newest Apple devices, including the iPhone 5 when purchased with a two-year contract, and the iPad.

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Best of the Black Friday app sales [Updating often]

There's a ton a apps going on sale this week for Black Friday. Some will be on sale all week, some all weekend, some for a couple days, and some only for Black Friday proper. If there's an app you've been waiting to buy, but have also been waiting for it to go on sale, check it out on Friday. There's a chance it might be. In fact, so many apps are likely to be on sale, we're not even going to try listing all of them. We're going to list some of our favorites, however, and some of our most recommended apps.

If you find out about others, and you think they're great, please add them to the comments. We'll keep updating throughout the week and over the weekend, so check back here often for the latest, greatest information... after the break!

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Sprint retailer only sells iPhone 5 if customer buys accessory bundle too

One anonymous Sprint retailer is apparently refusing to sell iPhone 5 devices to customers unless they also buy a bundle of accessories to go with it. The sure, the bundles they were offering were 20% off, but the cheapest ones started at $84. Sprint commented on the issue and said that it's not corporate policy to do this kind of thing, though indirect retailers can do whatever they want. 

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