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UPDATED: Steve Jobs confirms iPad 3G to ship alongside International iPad Wi-Fi in May

UPDATE: Add this gem to the list, in response to an (admittedly overboard) customer complaint from Switzerland that accused Steve Jobs of "deliberately pulling the wool over the rest of the worlds [sic] eyes."

Are you nuts? We are doing the best we can. We need enough units to have a responsible and great launch.

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Apple Begins Shipping iPad. Is Yours On its Way?

Looks like Apple has begun to ship out pre-ordered iPads for delivery on April 3. At least many of you out there are getting your shipment notices at long last. While it likely won't take the guys and gals in trucks a full 6 days to get to your house, Apple almost certainly has holds for delivery in place to make sure no one gets an iPad early. Still, we can dream.

Let us know if your iPad is on its way! (And what app, if any, you're using to track the package).

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in, and appreciation to everyone in shipping-land who has to lug tons of iPads around for delivery this week!]

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Apple Rumored to Ship iPad Review Units This Week

April 3rd is fast approaching so it's only fitting that Apple is rumored to begin shipping iPad review units to select reviewers this Thursday (either that or they'll be arriving Thursday, like many rumors it's not exactly clear).

Also not clear is whether the lucky reviewers will receive Wi-Fi only, WiFi+3G, or both iPads, and exactly who is getting them (other than Mossberg from The Wall Street Journal and Pogue from The New York Times, of course).

We here at TiPb aren't holding our collective breaths, but we have pre-ordered (and Rene's making the long drive down to the US) so you'll get to hear our thoughts soon enough.

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iPhone 3G S Now Shipping From Apple

I woke up this morning to an email from Apple -- my iPhone 3G S has shipped! A quick look at the tracking information via the UPS website shows that it has been shipped from Shenzhen China to arrive at my home by the 19th at the latest.

Something important to remember, if you did order from Apple and will not be home at the time of the delivery - you must fill out a form via Apple's web site for them to leave it at your door if you'd like you device left for you. If not you will be waiting until Monday and that would make for a long weekend.

So far we have had no confirmation regarding phones shipping from AT&T. Any other AT&T customers receive a shipping notification yet?

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3G iPhones are Here! Well, Somewhere...

Looks like we’ll have to add analyzing shipping manifests and tracking import/export data to help wanted ads and patent watching. It’s tough being an Apple enthusiast, no?

The folks over at Import Genius have reason to believe that the 3G iPhone is already stateside. After analyzing data from thousands of U.S. customs declarations for Apple, Inc. they have found 188 unidentified containers of a product never before imported by the company. Hint, hint: 3G iPhone.

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