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Are cheaper Lightning accessories on the way?

It looks like cheaper third-party Lightning accessories might be on the way, as Apple has lowered the cost of their MFi Lightning program. Apple seems to have lowered both the price of the MFi license and reduced the minimum number of parts that need to be ordered.

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Apple to allow third-party keyboards onto iOS?

Developers are eagerly anticipating Monday, when Apple will debut the next iteration of iOS to the world. According to All Things D, many believe that Apple will open iOS in unprecidented ways, including allowing third-party keyboards like SwiftKey to come to Apple devices.

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How to use a third-party remote to control your Apple TV

The Apple TV remote that comes with the latest Apple TV 2 is very small and can be very easily misplaced or lost completely. Luckily, Apple has included a very easy way for you to use a third-party remote control as an alternative.

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