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Quick review: Flight Control HD for iPad

Firemint's Flight Control HD for iPad [$4.99 - iTunes Link] let's you try your luck at setting the flight path of dozens of aircraft and getting them to their designated landing areas. Seems simple but as the number and variety of airplanes and helicopters increase so does the difficulty -- and the fun.

They say air traffic control is one of the most stressful jobs in the world, and as we found out in our interview with Firemint at GDC, that's exactly where the idea for the game came from.

On the iPad, just like the iPhone, you use your finger to trace the path of the plane to its landing strip and ensure that it does not crash. You have 8 single player maps, 10 aircrafts and the choice of single play or multiplayer. Want to play a friend on the same iPad? You can choose between co-op or vs. modes. Have two iPads? Play over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. The game also offers fast forward for those impatient types (me!) and even a 3D map (bring your own glasses!).

Flight Control for the iPad is the perfect game when you need a bit of distractions from life's stresses... by taking on the stress of air traffic.

Check out the video after the break and tell me if I should have made another career choice...

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Quick Review: Real Racing HD for iPad

Real Racing HD [$9.99- iTunes Link] is a blast to play on the iPad. I have enjoyed the iPhone iteration for some time and I was really looking forward to the iPad version. Thankfully the game is still a blast to play, looks good and has a few new features to keep you interested in this version.

First of the changes is the resolution. The graphics and frame rate are really smooth. The immersive feel of the in- car view is fantastic. This game does have a different feel now on the larger screen and I like it. You can now add your own skin to your car via the Camera Role. This is a great way to customize the cars in the game if you get bored with what is available. Firemint even has a website with skins to download. To install a skin, just save to the Camera Role or use an existing image. You can then apply the picture to a car, giving it a new look.

The other new feature with this version of Real Racing is the ability to save/ load ghost car data. In Time Trial mode you can save your race after you finish. You are then added to the leaderboards. You can view or race against others in your bracket . You can't at this time race against higher ranked players. Firemint says they are listening to feedback and may implement this in a future update.

For a first effort out of the gate, I really am enjoying Real Racing HD and I am looking forward to see how the development will improve on this already awesome game. Gallery and video after the break!

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Quick Review: Early Edition RSS Reader for iPad

Glasshouse Apps, makers of the gorgeous Barista and Cellar apps for iPhone and iPod touch is branching out for the iPad with Early Edition RSS [$4.99 - iTunes link] -- and yes, it's gorgeous.

Like Apple itself, they're going for a much more "real world" UI metaphor, in this case a newspaper. The main content is not so much flowed as typeset into place beneath the big, banner headline that's your latest article, and a cascade of older, and thus smaller, articles beneath it.

In landscape mode you get a sidebar similar to the built-in Notes app, with a circle around the currently viewed feed (or all feeds, the top choice). In portrait mode, you get a popover that serves the same function.

There's no Google Reader or Instapaper support yet (see comments, below) but they should be coming. That'll be a major drawback for some, but in the meantime you can add any feed you like with the handy plus button. (I cut and pasted Android Central's feed in from Safari with nary a problem).

Once loaded, tapping on a headline takes you to the RSS version of the article and you can toggle over to the web version in-app. In a nice touch, if you back out of an article and then tap it again, it remembers which state you were last in.

All the text showed up nicely rendered and easy to read, and graphics and even inline YouTube video were right there. I couldn't double tap to get the video full screen, but it played within the page just fine.

Note: they were kind enough to include TiPb's review feed as a default, along with TUAW, Apple Hot News, and some others. Risky, because if they mangled it our thanks could easily have turned into venomous sideways glares. Lucky for all involved, they nailed it.

If you're looking for RSS on your iPad, love good design, and Google Reader and Instapaper aren't "must haves" at this very moment, then check out Early Edition and let us know what you think!

Video and screen shots after the break!

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Quick Review: Crosswords on the iPad

My love of Crossword apps on mobile devices is no secret, so I was pleased to see that Standalone, Inc had their Crosswords app ready for the iPad at launch.

The phrase "just a big iPod Touch" is getting tossed around a lot this week and in some ways Crosswords is a perfect microcosm of that - some of the same iPhone screens and elements are available as pop-ups and in general there's no actual functionality that's available on the iPad version that you can't get on the iPhone -- except the gigantic screen. Portrait mode has enough space to show you a long list of clues, the keyboard, and in most cases the entire puzzle without zooming. Landscape is even better, giving you both the across and down clues in separate columns, the keyboard, and a zoomed-in view of the puzzle.

Naturally, there are plenty of features like hints, the ability to tweet your time, and of course the ability to download dozens of different crossword puzzles every day from both free and for-pay premium sources.

Video demo and gallery after the break!

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TiPb Apps 7.2: Chillingo for iPhone (GDC 2010)

Live from GDC 2010 Rene talks with Johnny Coghlan from Chillingo, publishers of The Hero [$1.99 - iTunes link], Radio Flare Redux [$2.99 - iTunes link], RavenSword: the Fallen Kind [$4.99 - iTunes link] and via their ClickGamer label, Angry Birds [$0.99 - iTunes link], the newly launched Crystal social gaming network, and what plans they may have for the iPad.

Watch along after the break!

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TiPb Apps 6.4: Flight Control for iPhone... and Flight Control HD for iPad!

Live from GDC 2010, Rene talks to Alexandra Peters of Firemint about Flight Control for the iPhone [$0.99 - iTunes link]

Alex tells us a great story about how Flight Co

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TiPb Apps 6.3: AllSport for iPhone (CTIA 2010)

Some of us recently realized there's a whole world out there, and perhaps it'd be a good idea to visit it once in a while, and an even better idea to (gulp) exercise in it.

And so, we hug out for a few minutes at CTIA 2010 with the folks from Trimble Outdoors and their AllSport GPS app, which comes in a free, ad-supported version [iTunes Store link] and a full, $4.99 version that adds a few additional features [App Store link]. It's kind of your standard GPS trip app, but it's for athletes and out-of-shape bloggers of any age. Pick your activity, hit the start button, and it tracks your route, time -- hell, altitude, if you're flying -- and logs it all online for posterity and/or sharing on Facebook and the like.

Check out video of it in action after the break.

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TiPb Apps 6.2: Opera Mini for iPhone (CTIA 2010)

Live from CTIA 2010, Dieter takes a look at Opera Mini for the iPhone, just now submitted to the App Store.

Watch along after the break!

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TiPb Apps 6.1: Panda Hero for iPhone (GDC 2010)

Live from GDC 2010 Rene talks to Jodi and Jacques Ropert of Barefoot Explorers about their upcoming iPhone game, Panda Hero.

Scheduled to hit the App Store this spring, in addition to maze-style adventure and pets-style casual gameplay, Panda Hero packs an environmentally conscious message into all those great graphics -- Barefoot Explorers will plant three (3) actual, real, live trees on behalf of players for each download of the game.

Check out the video below for details and a look at the beta version of the game.

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TiPb Apps 5.5: Creature24 (GDC 2010)

Live from GDC 2010, Rene talks to Bob Koon of Binary Hammer about the Creature24 project that tried to make a complete, polished iPhone game in 24 hours.

The goal of Creature24 was to create a real, polished iPhone game in 24 hrs, transparently on the internet. They didn't make their deadline, but were valiant in the attempt. They're going to complete the game, and perhaps do an iPad version of the challenge (with a slightly expanded time limit) next year.

Watch along after the break!

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