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Translation Apps

Best translation apps for iPhone: iTranslate Voice, iVoice, Google Translate, and more!

Whether you're traveling to new and interesting places or trying to talk to new and interesting people at home, thanks to the iPhone, language is no longer an absolute barrier to communication. While we don't have Star Trek's universal translator - yet! - we do have plenty of apps on the App Store that can help with translation. We've gone through, tested them out, and figured out which are the absolute best iPhone apps for translation needs. These are the ones I think currently deserve your attention...

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iTranslate updated to version 7.1, brings updated design to the iPad

iTranslate, one of our favorite translation apps for iPhone, has just been updated to add full support for the iPad. Aside from becoming a universal download, the iPad version has now been updated for iOS 7 as well.

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iTranslate Voice takes another step towards Star Trek with AirTranslate!

iTranslate Voice has been updated to version 2.0, bringing new features, such as the ability to use multiple devices for conversations, and imporvements, including support for new languages and a refreshed interface.

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Pixter Scanner for iPhone review: Capture text with a photo, translate it, and more

Pixter Scanner for iPhone is an OCR (optical character recognition) app that allows you to snap a photo of any text, whether that's from a magazine, a street sign, or any other source, in order to translate it or save the contents for reading later. It can be ideal when traveling for translating foreign languages or for those times when you find a story in a magazine and want to save it for reference at a later time in digital format.

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Word Lens for iPhone review

If you're traveling to foreign countries and you aren't 100% familiar with that language, reading traffic, public transit, and wayfinding signs can be a task. Looking them up in a translation app or in a physical guide can be daunting and slow you down. Word Lens for iPhone can solve this problem by allowing you to use the camera in your iPhone to take photos of signs. It will then translate them in real time.

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Word Lens instant translation -- via camera!

If Word Lens is to be believed, we now live in the future where you simply point your iPhone camera at something and it translates it for you replacing the Spanish text, for example, with English right before your gobsmacked eyes.

It currently only supports 2 demo modes (backwards and erase) and two language packs (English to Spanish and Spanish to English) available as in-app purchases, currently on 50% off sale for $4.99. They admit it's not perfect; it can't handle handwriting or stylized fonts, and gives more gist than precise translation, but again -- camera based translation, future, gobsmacked. Even if it's only a tech demo, even if it only works for comedic effect,

[Free with in-app purchases - iTunes link]

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