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Travel Apps

Best iPhone and iPad apps for holiday travelers

Looking for the best iPhone apps and best iPad apps to take with you on your travels this holiday season? From booking a place to stay to renting cars, from passing the time on the trip to getting directions once you arrive, there are a lot of great choices on the App Store. Here are the ones you shouldn't leave home without!

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Best hotel and home rental apps for iPhone

Looking for the best iPhone apps for finding great hotels or private homes to rent? Your iPhone can make finding, booking, and paying for a hotel room or rental property simple, but that doesn't mean all booking and reservation apps are created equal. Whether you're traveling for business or looking for a something for your next vacation, the App Store has a lot to offer. These are the very best apps for finding, booking, and reading reviews on hotels and home rentals!

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Best car rental apps for iPhone: Book your next rental the easy way!

Renting a car is often a bigger headache than it needs to be, both in terms of process and price. Luckily, there are lots of great new car rental services popping up that offer a better experience and lower rates. They also have apps that help you complete the entire booking process right from your iPhone, no matter what size vehicle you need, or when you need it. So, what are the best iPhone apps to help you rent the best car?

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Best travel guide apps for iPhone: Foursquare, Gogobot, Jetpac City Guides, and more!

Looking for the best iPhone apps to help you get around and find cool things to do while traveling? Travel guide apps are a great way to get the scoop on tourist attractions and even local hotspots in many different areas of the world. Whether you're interest is history or food, architecture or museums, there are lots of App Store apps to help you make the most of your travels. That doesn't mean all of them are created equal though. These are currently the best travel guide apps for iPhone and the ones we don't think you should leave home without!

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The British Airways app for iPhone is now so good you'll want to use it

The British Airways app for iPhone has today seen a massive overhaul that makes it – finally – an app you'll want to use when travelling. The visual differences are staggering and no longer does it feel like simply a mobile website inside a wrapper. It's really, really good.

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ETA for iPhone gives you drive times at a glance

ETA for iPhone gives you an estimate of how long it's going to take you to drive or walk somewhere based on current traffic conditions. While many map apps can give you estimates for a current route, none of them let you save locations as conveniently as ETA does.

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TripIt now lets you keep an eye on your airline rewards

TripIt for iOS has been updated to version 4.5.1, adding a new reward-tracking features for TripIt Pro users. You can now keep up with your rewards from American, Delta, Southwest, and United Airlines. Forward your monthly or quarterly statements to in order to do so.

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Why you should delete every travel app from your iPhone and just use Foursquare

I recently went on vacation for a few weeks. Given my job at iMore, I did what any of you would expect me to do — I loaded up my iPhone with all the interesting travel apps I could find, all the ones I thought would help me explore more, all the ones that would help me make the most of my time in London and Paris. Guess what? I ended up not using any of them. What I ended up using was an app I'd had installed on my iPhone for years... Foursquare.

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App in the Air goes iPad just in time for the holiday travels

A recent update to App in the Air, a pretty awesome flight tracking app for iPhone, promised that an iPad version was on the way. And, just sneaking out the door in time for the holiday travels, here it is. It's basically the same great experience, the same great interface, blown up for the bigger screen. Also included in this update are new text and email based sharing methods.

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TripIt update brings offline trip editing, sharing features and more

TripIt is one of the most loved travel apps around, and today's update to version 4.5 sees some great new additions for regular and Pro users, one of which is offline trip editing. Particularly useful for those of us that don't regularly fly on those fancy WiFi enabled planes!

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