Talking with Fitbit at CES 2012

Fitbit can help you keep on target with any physical goals by tracking such things as walking, yoga, or weight lifting as well as logging foods you eat, when you eat and more.

Talking with Fitbit at CES 2012, we got a better overall feeling about how they work with iOSCheck out the video above for the full details -- it really is quite an amazing product, especially if you've got some new year's resolutions to keep

Chris Parsons

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Ben Ragunton says:

Now that is something I think I could really make use of!!!

Bubba says:

Ask them why their POS stops working if you sweat on it!?! My Wife has been through three of them. Do they expect you not to sweat as you're getting fit???

wamadden4 says:

Why would you buy one of those? Just go to the gym, eat right, be active... there thats what it will say in the end... just saved you $99