Tapatalk 2 forum reading software now supports Wordpress, Dropbox image uploads, more

Tapatalk 2 forum reading software now supports Wordpress, Dropbox, more

Quoord Systems has released Tapatalk 2.1, an update to their web site forum reading software for iOS. The new update is available for download from the App Store.

If you're a long-time iMore reader, you know we love Tapatalk. This handy utility helps you stay abreast of what's going on in online discussion communities that are important to you - this Universal app keeps track of discussion forums on web sites, aggregating content from discussion boards on more than 50,000 online communities.

The new 2.1 release supports Wordpress. When used in conjunction with the Tapatalk Wordpress plug-in, which needs to be installed on the site itself, Tapatalk now tracks discussions happening on Wordpress-powered web sites you're interested in connecting with. Also new in this release is the ability to upload photos from Dropbox folders; support for searching and and filtering topics within a category or finding a specific thread; GIF animation support; page swipe gesture support; and other minor improvements and bug fixes.

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Reader comments

Tapatalk 2 forum reading software now supports Wordpress, Dropbox image uploads, more


I just wish more forums would support Taptalk (some of the forums I visit are still using really old version's of VB and are reluctant to change / add anything). Very useful app though!

I like their method of monetizing. You can keep using the old version, and many will, but they have added new features in the new version to get you to upgrade. This gives customers a choice and allows the programmers to focus on tapatalk 2, only doing bug fixes for tapatalk 1.

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I actually dislike Tapatalk and find it really annoying when I visit a site that has a popup asking me if I want to use it. I tried Tapatalk a while ago when it was free (apparently now it's $4, according to this post) and I hated it. I much prefer just using Safari.