Theme It will bring theme store to iOS [Jailbreak]

Theme It is a new site and app (via Cydia) that will feature themes for iOS. Anyone currently jailbroken knows how big of a pain it can be weeding through themes and tweaks in Cydia. Hopefully having something like Theme It will reduce some of the clutter and allow users to more efficiently browse for quality themes.

Theme It boasts to provide only the highest quality themes to their users. They've already gotten some of the best theme creators on board in an attempt to offer a better option for browsing themes. The app will be available via Cydia and will have an actual website as well. The counter along the top of the site shows we have less than 2 days before launch.

I know I'm looking forward to seeing if this makes me more apt to install and download themes. I don't theme as much as I used to since weeding through Cydia for quality themes can be pretty time consuming. How many of you are excited to have a new way to browse and obtain new themes?

Demo video after the break!


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Omar says:

I agree with you, I dislike going through the thousands of themes on Cydia. This is something that will help us all choose themes a little faster and easier. Hopefully, there will be free themes as well.

HungWell says:

Most of those "themes" on Cydia aren't. They're just a piece of wallpaper and a couple of crappy icons. Hopefully this will weed that out.

Freiteez says:

I'm fine with the ElitePro theme. But it'll be interesting to see other good ones.

Ghop says:

I have a question
Could apple possibly allow themes in the app store with the supposedly A5(dual core) graphics chips upgrades?
Wasn't apples argument that themes take a toll on the graphics chips and such?
I dont know, I'm asking. The iPhone 5 will be more powerful if all these rumours turn out to be true.

Schrutefarms says:

Good question.. I don't understand why apple would miss out on revenue possibilities. They could make a killing...

Jeff says:

Question remains.. is an entire STORE really required? Are there really people out there that are switching themes on a daily basis?
I don't know about the rest of the world, but I've been running Illumine for about a year now, and love it.

IKevinT says:

I actually change my themes every month or two. I tend to get bored with the same theme after too long.

jzajzz says:

Trust me .. THemes have always been a hit on every platform WinMo, Blackberry Android and Jailbroken Iphones .. they would make a killing.. I love switching mine .. i get bored

Coralie says:

Hey, subtle must be your mildde name. Great post!

Frank says:

Wonder when apple will add the theme store to their line of stores, it should have been an option for developers a long time ago

Baustin says:

I think lack of customization for the iPhone had more to do with Apple's "simplistic cohesion" pespective rather than hardware limitations. Steve Jobs always talkes about a consistant user experience. Personally I think customization should be allowed, but it seems to be working for Apple.

Ghop says:

I agree Apples methods seem to be working but it would be nice to able to switch themes.
How confusing could it be. The jailbreak community certainly dowant seemed confused with themes.
I live apple but some of their decisions are "confusing" to me. 

weehooherod says:

I'm excited for this! I hate how cluttered everything is on cydia. I wish cydia at least had sorting features like most downloaded and highest rated.

Cherlin says:

Such a deep asewnr! GD&RVVF

Baustin says:

Agreed. People are smart enough to customize their home screens. (Maybe?)