Track and sync your budget with Ez Budget for iPhone and iPad

Derek Clark has updated his budget app, Ez Budget - Quick Envelope Budgeting, with cloud syncing. Additionally, he has released an iPad version.

  • Define spending envelopes
  • Group the envelopes into categories
  • Manually import transactions
  • Automatically import transactions using OFX for banks that support it
  • Split income and transactions into multiple envelopes
  • Keep a running total for the amounts in each envelope
  • Keep track of the balance for all envelopes
  • Keep track of past transactions
  • Keep your budget synced with a spouse
  • Keep your budget synced between your iPhone and iPad.

This is a fantastic solution to those who want to keep track of all their spending but share an account with their spouse. As long as both of you have an iPhone or iPad, you can each enter your purchases and keep your budget perfectly balanced and up to date.

Ez Budget - Quick Envelope Budgeting is available on the iPhone for $4.99 and on the iPad for $4.99. Screenshots after the break.

[iPhone iTunes link] [iPad iTunes link]

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Reader comments

Track and sync your budget with Ez Budget for iPhone and iPad


Why spend $5 on an app that you have to manually update the transactions in? The capp is free and automagically updates all transactions. Plus it keeps track of all incomes and expenses against your budget.

Dev here,
This app does support automatically importing transactions as noted in the feature set above. Mint is nice, but many people find it to be complicated. It could be that budgeting in general can be complicated, but we attempted to simplify things as much as possible.

I bought this app but cannot even set up an account. Apparently it cannot recognize my bank. Please contact me if you can help.