Updated Google Wallet knows your gift card balances, lets you ask for money

Google Wallet on an iPhone 5s

Your Google Wallet app is about to get even better. Today, Google has just announced that several new features are coming to the Google Wallet app on Android and iOS. These new features will make it easier to shop in retail stores and get cash from family or friends. Full details on the upcoming changes down below.

Here's what you can look forward to in Google Wallet:

  • Store gift cards in Google Wallet
  • Request money from friends with the Google Wallet app or Gmail
  • Send money fast and free using your debit card
  • Spanish language support

You've always been able to store loyalty cards within Google Wallet, but the new updates will include support for gift cards. Those gift cards can be added just by taking a picture of the card of by manually typing in the info. Just show your phone to the cashier at checkout when you want to use that gift card.

Some gift cards will even be able to show you the remaining balance in real-time. Some merchants that will support that ability include Whole Foods, Toys R Us, Sephora, Nike, Best Buy and AMC.

The updated Google Wallet app will also allow users to request money from friends and family. Just send requests within the Google Wallet app and they can send you money. You can also send money using your debit card.

Spanish users will be happy to learn that the app will now support their language of choice. If your iOS device or or Android device is set to Spanish, Google Wallet will be in Spanish.

What new Google Wallet feature are you looking forward to the most? Gift cards sounds really promising. Look for the update to hit in the next few days.

Source: Google Commerce

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Updated Google Wallet knows your gift card balances, lets you ask for money


It does. I was hoping for a long time Google would release something like this. Finally!

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