Viacom now taking aim at Cablevision as well as Time Warner

Viacom is flexing its muscles once more, this time asking Cablevision to remove all Viacom media content from its Optimum iPad App. A couple of weeks ago, we heard that Time Warner had been asked to remove all content from Viacom from its TW Cable app; which it has now done. That particular tiff is heading to court for a ruling.

When Cablevision launched its Optimum iPad app last week, it went to great lengths to explain that the app was not streaming content from the internet and did not even need an internet connection; this they thought would satisfy the networks. The iPad was acting purely as an additional TV set and should be treated in the same manner. Unfortunately Viacom do not agree and have asked Cablevision to remove all Viacom content from the app.

This one is set to rumble on for a long long time. As usual in these cases, the consumer will suffer until someone sees sense and resolves the issues. Don’t hold your breath!

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Reader comments

Viacom now taking aim at Cablevision as well as Time Warner


The subscribers are paying for the service.... I don't see the problem if people want to watch content on their iPad/iPhone. How is it different from watching it on an Internet enabled television?

What happened to the music industry is that they let people get their music free for long enough that they came to expect it that way, and the music industry has never recovered. There are very real issues of ownership here, and they cannot allow precedent to be set before all avenues have been explored. Cablevision and Time-Warner subscribers are not losing any service they had before. They are simply being denied an additional service that makes the cable operators more attractive to consumers, potentially at the expense of the content providers.

What it seems is that these "providers" want to control HOW you watch their programs. I pay my cable company, they supply a signal to my home. Their "control" ends at the wall: I hook up the device of my choice to watch the programs I paid for. If I chose to connect a 13" BW TV or a 65" flat screen, it's my call. These systems seem to only work on devices on the same WIFI network (like air print) so you can't leave your house and watch your TV. But, if you want to take your iPad outside, and watch a show while the kiddies are playing in the pool, that should be your choice. I can put a TV outside and run a cable to connect it. How is this different from Apple TV? I can stream a movie from my Macbook to my TV and watch it. Are they going to have a problem with that?

I think this is total bs, If I am paying 100's of dollars a month I should be able to watch it on any device in my home if there is support for it from the cable companies. Wifi or not, as long as its in home only, I dont see the big deal. I hope the cable companies kick viacom in the junk.

My iPad app to watch TV goes through my Time-Warner cable modem. Hello! My iPad is just another TV getting a signal from the cable modem. What about PC that has a cable input so I cab watch TV on my PC. Some of the older guys need to retire and let some of the younger people take over in the 21st Century!