Vote now for your favorite Jailbreak hack! - TiPb Awards 2010 App, Accessory, and iOS awards

The 2010 TiPb Awards are underway and right now it's time to vote on your favorite Jailbreak hack of the year. This isn't about Jailbreak apps, this is strictly for those little extensions, enhancers, and otherwise awesome tweaks that make existing functionality just that much better.

With iOS 4, iPhone 4, iPod touch 4, and iPad this year Jailbreak devs had an entirely new software and hardware playground at their disposal and boy did they not disappoint. But there can only be one 2010 TiPb Award winner! Choose your favorite in the pole above and then let us know why you chose the favorite you did in comments below. (And if you don't see your favorite here, add it as a write-in as well!)

  • Bytafont
  • Facebreak
  • Gridlock
  • Infifolders
  • WeatherIcon

Ready, set, vote!

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There are 83 comments. Add yours.

Tim Chaten says:

Why oh why is MyWi not in this list - the only reason I need to jailbreak still! :)

mqguitar says:

mywi definitely. It is the only actual reason I jailbreak.

BBCurve9300 says:

Ultrasn0w and if that doesn't count My3G

redbeard says:

SBSettings, Notified Pro, and 3G unrestrictor are some of the most useful as well.

Braeson says:

Infinifolders for those of us who demand orgaziatiom without chaos.

Kschucks says:

I know this poll isn't for jailbreak apps, but the my fav tweak is QuickReply as part of iRealSMS!!

PhillyComputerSpot says:

Call me lame but I wouldn't Jailbreak any of my Apple devices, There perfect as they are.

BLiNK says:

PhillyComputerSpot = Steve Jobs??

Farbod21 says:

These are JB tweaks guys, Jailbreak Apps like BiteSMS will be in a different category...

Allyson Kazmucha says:

Guys, keep in mind for an app or tweak to win it had to be RELEASED in 2010 or receive a MAJOR upgrade in 2010. By upgrade it needs to be huge or completely rewritten. That's why you don't see SBSettings and some others like MyWi. Not to mention, as Farbod said, we will have a separate category for jailbreak apps. MyWi is an app, SBSettings is a tweak, yes but it isn't on the list because it was released way before 2010.

Cr3ative Minds says:

Never again, so tired of having to re-do my phone everytime an iOS update comes out. I'm sure there are ways around it but I gave up and I'm sure Apple can tell when you plug your phone into iTunes. Plus I know it drains your battery because more things are running and leaves your phone vulnerable to different things. Just saying, be careful.

Wizzy says:

My greatest are sbsettings, lockinfo, and bitesms, so I guess I don't have a favorite released in 2010. Actually, I've never heard of any of these apps.

Penny_Case says:

I know I'ma get stoned with Philly and Penny for saying this but I will not be Jail Breaking my Apple devices as well. It leaves your phone vulnerable. I can at least say I trust Apple way more then any creator of any of them Jail Break servers your opening your phone to.
Please follow me on Thank You

Tico says:

Not sure anyone actually read Allyson's post...

andsoitgoes says:

@penny and creative minds
Think and read before you post.
Don't get brainwashed, basic jail breaking does NOTHING bad to your device. The only vulnerability it opens up is your own missteps. Basic jailbreaking is as safe as it can get. Simple as that.
Do your research.

Elducker says:

Lockinfo...wouldn't go without it!

Dave says:

Yeah Nick. The only bad is taking someones(Apple) idea, dream and creation and hacking it, Real Original ;)Either way its stealing, sorry but thats just my opinion.

LzarEus says:

I'm with the iRealSMS group but the main reason I've done jailbreaks in the pass was strictly for iblacklist.

Penny_Case says:

@At Nick, I understand. We only know what were told. I did read that somewhere, about it making your phone vulnerable and drains your battery. It could of been this blog but I'm not 100% sure. Next time I will do more research, Thank You.

Cr3ative Minds says:

@LzarEus, Yes I wish that iBlacklist was in the App store. Being able to block certain numbers would be very helpful. Also I wish there was a feature to block Phone calls all together but still be able to use everything else. Like internet, email and so on.
Sorry to get completely off subject but Allyson Kazmucha is right,
"Guys, keep in mind for an app or tweak to win it had to be RELEASED in 2010 or receive a MAJOR upgrade in 2010. By upgrade it needs to be huge or completely rewritten. That’s why you don’t see SBSettings and some others like MyWi. Not to mention, as Farbod said, we will have a separate category for jailbreak apps. MyWi is an app, SBSettings is a tweak, yes but it isn’t on the list because it was released way before 2010."

Farbod21 says:

@Penny_Case actually no, Most jailbreaks like greenpois0n are now open source. We know exactly what we are getting. Remember that iOS 4.0 had a major pdf vulnerability that would have allowed someone to steal your personal info. It was a JB dev that pointed that out and basically forced Apple to patch it...

estevan says:

MyWi for sure, that should of been one of the choices.

jtarrio says:

SBSettings will always be the extension I can't live without

TychoQuad says:

No Lockinfo? Are you kidding? I've never even heard of Bytafont, and I can only guess what facebreak is. (I hope it's not literal) Did Chad write this list?

EageleyeSmith says:

3G Unrestrictor, BiteSMS, Shrink, Activator, TetherMe, Synchronicity, Infinidock, App Switcher Mod, FolderEnhancer, iFile, HapticPro, & SBSettings. All need to be added to that list, and if you don't have any of the apps I listed, you need to get them

JBProponent says:

Lockinfo, iReal and bite are all missing from the voting options, sorry to say :-/

Nick says:

Ireal SMS. Sb settings. Miwii. My 3g

Farbod21 says:

You guys need to read the blog. These are HACKS/TWEEKS not APPS... A separate APPS category is coming...

Massie says:

Good grief, people. READ.

Jamie says:

MyWi 4.0 and LockInfo. period.

xgm5451 says:

mywi, use it at school too frequently. <3 unlimited data.

Hotrod says:

Lockinfo. It used to be Intelliscreen but Lockinfo has improved so much lately.

Farbod21 says:

Im holding off on BytaFont until they give options for each setting like fontswap did. Right now I just use iFile to change fonts and its quick and easy...

Ahmad Tawakol says:

Auto3G. If you don't know what that is, then you're missing out big time.

MadPriest says:

It helps me to know what to expect when i first open my eyes in the morning :)

Trucker Alex says:

RemoveBG is my new besty! Swipe left with activator.

Moises says:

My wi 4.0 is the only reason why I jail break my iPhone 4. I use it with my iPad 32 GB. I use my Unlimited Internet. (and my 3G sorry i use face time with my son his (4 years). His on my MacBook pro and am on the iPhone.

Daniel says:

I move that the nominated jailbreaks be reevaluated. How is Lockinfo and MiWi not included?!? What about BiteSMS or iRealSMS? Sorry if this comes off wrong, but that's a pretty crappy list mi amigo.

Daniel says:

Whoa. There were two pages of comments (duh). Just read Allyson's comment and it all make sense now :)

dmartic says:

Backgrounder + Cirtuicous
All on iPad...

S.H. Long says:

I think the half wiener ruler is my favorite. I just hold the iPhone next to my dong and from speaker to headphone jack is how big half my unit is. Its great!

Martin says:

Auto3G without a doubt - saves sooo much battery!

Schory says:

Seriously? I could have sworn that I had WeatherIcon like mid-2009. I vote FolderEnhancer. I have serious RAM deficiencies on my 3G, and it uses SO much less than the default folders. Like virtually none :D

LozBlanko says:

I think Full Screen Safari and Haptic Pro are my favourites. So many superb little tweaks out there though. To anyone who puts down the Jailbreak world, you ought to bear in mind that a lot of your iOS 5 features have already been done.

Mwebsterpgh says:

Mobile Volume Sound - you can now set 2 volume levels, one for OS and another for iPod volume.

aap007 says:

I go for Lock Calendar and SB Settings.

toemon says:

why pay for Auto3G when you can just keep 3G off with sbsettings and turn it on whenever you need it. I keep it disabled all day and my battery isn usually around 60-70% by the end of the day

MooPenguin32 says:

My vote is for Folder Enhancer. I understand that Infinifolders do essentially the same thing, but I prefer the presentation of Folder Enhancer where it presents pages within the folder. I'm not sure if Infinifolders does this as an option. I've always seen screen shots where you can scroll up and down within the folder.

Bryan says:

folder enhancer and sbsettings

Dan says:

SMS GV Extension all the way! (I love getting google voice SMS through BiteSMS). Or FolderEnhancer.

Jared says:

SoundFX. Makes my phone sound like my phone. And not every second iPhone in the room.

Jared says:

Whoops. ToneFX. Should have been. 

Adam says:

Why isn't FolderEnhancer one of the alternatives?! It does so much more than InfiniFolders - folder pages, faster folders, subfolders, etc.

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