WARNING: Don't Fall for Fake Apps!

Proving once again that nothing enables crooks more than the internet, Gizmodo is warning iPhone app-seekers to steer clear of scams:

If you Google "iPhone apps," the first thing that comes up is iPhoneApps.org, a site selling a bundle of "top 10" iPhone applications for $25 using "safe PayPal." Friends, there's nothing safe about this site. It's a scam. The iTunes App Store is the exclusive distributor of official iPhone apps, period. Don't get your apps anywhere else. Tell your friends and family. If you're savvy enough to use Installer.app, this PSA is not for you, obviously. [Thanks Blake!]

Remember, if something looks fishy, it probably is; seems too good to be true, is too good to be true; doesn't come from Apple's built-in-to-iPhone-and-iTunes App Store, is a big honking SCAM!

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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

WARNING: Don't Fall for Fake Apps!


A legit member of the forums here posted a link to this a while back thinking it was a good deal. (of course I deleted it)
But some people really fall for this type of thing.

I peeped that was a scam even before I got an iPhone, the site does look nice though, I wonder how much have they made off poor saps.

it is a shame that it is not for real.
and with apple controlling the market, there will never be spacial deals on iphone software,

As bad as it is, a sucker is born every minute and someone to take advantage of those poor suckers is born every 30 seconds.

greed meets its fate!
"poor suckers" are, in fact, after skinning the developers, and so they get skinned.
you asked for karmic justice, I give you karmic justice.
...and dear 'molo' there are 'spacial' deals for space-cadets: complaining about control is a response to your own anal strivings -- so let it go and enjoy!
double cheers!

This scam site has been suspended on the web. Thanks to everyone who called these sleezeballs out. If they made any money the check had to go to an address. I hope they get busted big time. What a bunch of losers.