The Wars, AT&T Mark the Spot, Cribbage Lite, Doodle Jump, Airport Express -- TiPb Picks of the Week!


Every week a few of us from team TiPb, bloggers and forum crew alike, will bring you our current favorite, funnest, most useful App Store apps, WebApps, jailbreak apps, even the occasional accessory, web site, or desktop app if the mood strikes us. As long as they're iPhone (or iPod touch) related, they're fair game.

So who's on deck this week and what are our picks? Find out after the break!

Chris' Pick: The Wars

I don't know what it is about this game. It's not complex, the graphic aren't that great, I just find it very addicting! Always have to try to beat the next level. I am up to level eight, but I have stalled out. Give it a try - you may have as hard a time putting it down as I am!. [$0.99 - iTunes link]

The Wars

James' Pick: AT&T Mark the Spot

AT&T coverage in my condo is not good. I have to keep my iPhone in certain spots and if I move it, the call will most likely be dropped. AT&T have released an app to help iPhone users pin point dropped calls, no coverage areas and slow data downloads. Mark the Spot uses GPS to send your location and the type of service issue you had to AT&T. The real question is whether or not AT&T acts on the data they receive... [Free - iTunes link]

AT&T Mark the Spot

Georgia's Pick: Cribbage Lite

It's and easy, fun game that you can pick up and put down in a moment. It allows you to mug points and though I suspect the AI cheats slightly (not that I can prove it -- yet!), it's challenging, especially when you're stuck, unable to move, lest your sleeping baby wake up and start crying again. And yeah, I know it's not a trendy FPS, but I played it with my parents when I was a kid, and it still relaxes me, -- and it's FREE! -- so no making fun! [Free - iTunes link]

Cribbage Lite

Matt's Pick: Doodle Jump

Doodle Jump is one of the most simplistic, yet addicting games I have ever come across! The developers constantly update the app adding features or "hidden" themes within the app. There are number of maneuvers & objects to interact with that make this game much more interesting than just "jumping up platforms," so you will not get bored of the same 'ol movement. [$0.99 - iTunes link]

Doodle Jump

Rene's Pick: Airport Express

32 smartphones, 7 editors, 1 weekend, and everyone needs wireless connectivity NOW! So what was Dieter to do? Bust out Apple's Airport Express, connect it up to the hotel ethernet, and then crack the whip and set the 3rd annual Smartphone Experts Round Robin in motion. A tiny, rounded rectangular box in iPod white, the Airport Express also packs a speaker jack for Airtunes, so you can play your iTunes music on remote speakers, and a USB port so you can plug in a printer and use it from any computer on the same network. Awesome power, itty-bitty box. I bought one. And I bought one for my father for Xmas. [$99.00 - Apple Online Store link]

Apple Airport Express

Your Pick?

You're part of team TiPb too, so what's your pick? What app was your absolute fav last week? Let us -- and everyone -- know in the comments!

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The Wars, AT&T Mark the Spot, Cribbage Lite, Doodle Jump, Airport Express -- TiPb Picks of the Week!


ATT is SO STUPID! They publish an app to say when and where you have service- ONE PROBLEM...IF YOU DONT HAVE SERVICE, YOU CANT SEND ANYTHING! and then if the app quits or you quit it because the service is horrible and it cant send, then IT DOESNT SAVE

@jck1020 I think you're the moron here. Why don't you read more into the app -- it queues up and you can even go back and browse a map to pinpoint where you had problems.

I already see a verizon commercial for this one coming. Picture AT&T support waiting for the compaints but they don't get any and they think it's great but actually the no coverage zones do not let the phone send the signal lol

Airport Express gets my vote. I use three of them (in separate locations) with ZERO issues, and they all setup themselves within seconds.

Doodle Jump is AWESOME. That simple game is loads of fun! It's great for when you're stuck on the train or elsewhere.