Want to win a free copy of Skyfire for iPhone or iPad? Enter now!

Skyfire Browser for iPad

Skyfire is the browser for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad that does server-side transcoding, allowing you to watch a lot of the Flash videos that otherwise appear blank on your non-Flash supporting devices. We've posted on both Skyfire for iPhone and iPod touch, and Skyfire for iPad versions before but you know what's better than posting about them? Yup! Giving them away!

Skyfire is offering TiPb readers ten (10!) copies each of Skyfire for iPhone and iPod touch, and Skyfire for iPad and all you have to do to win one is leave a comment below and include #TiPbTeamiPad or #TiPbTeamiPhone so we know which version you want to get! (Yes, you can include both if you're rocking both devices).

Also be sure to include a real email address. We won't make it public but Skyfire will need it to gift you your app!

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Reader comments

Want to win a free copy of Skyfire for iPhone or iPad? Enter now!



That would be so nice :) 12 days of Christmas is unfortunately an epic fail so far here in Luxembourg, so it would be nice to have Skyfire then :)

Skyfire was awesome on my old WinMo 6.5 phone, I was able to watch FireFly on Hulu. I would love to see what it could do on an iPad.

Sign me up! Already have the iPhone version, be nice to have the ipad one too. I'll glady have #TiPbTeamiPad since I'm broke!!

I have already purchased Skyfire for my iPod Touch …would be nice to have it native on the iPad #TiPbTeamiPad

Skyfire is really the best browser I have ever used! Its optimization technique of the web flash videos on iPad is one of my wishlist features....#TiPbTeamiPad

TiPbTeamiPad please?! would be the a great gift to congratulate me for giving up smoking (on my 4th day!) lol :D
Thanks TiPb :D

TiPbTeamiPhone - I would like to test this app out and would like to find out if it really stands up to its hype.

got new Iphone 4 yesterday:D, i would like have Skyfire in my new phone.
TiPbTeamiPhone for the win.

Currently use this on iPhone and love it, but I would definitely love a copy on iPad. Go #TiPbTeamiPad!! And thanks for the lottery giveaway!

THE best way to start a New Year! Was just at these apps last night! Thanks for the chance!
TiPbTeamiPad AND #TiPbTeamiPhone

Despite what Apple says, there's so much Flash content I'm missing.
TiPbTeamiPad #TiPbTeamiPhone

Just got a new iPad from Santa for Christmas. This would be a great addition for my new toy.

I use Skyfire on my iPhone to listen to live/uber recent fresh out of the oven TiPb podcasts in my car. Would love to do the same at home using my iPad #TiPbTeamiPad

Skyfire is very great!!I tried it before on Android and Windows Mobile..And now I want it on my iPod Touch!!Really want it!!

TiPbTeamiPhone #TiPbTeamiPhone #TiPbTeamiPhone #TiPbTeamiPhone #TiPbTeamiPhone #TiPbTeamiPhone #TiPbTeamiPhone #TiPbTeamiPhone #TiPbTeamiPhone #TiPbTeamiPhone
Can you tell i want one!

Wondered if it is that great according to articles I read about it… Would allow me to make my opinion and talk about it around me.
Anyway, thanks for the contest

I have ipad skyfire and working awesome, hope i will win one for my iphone 4 please thanks a lot skyfire and tipb #TiPbTeamiPad or #TiPbTeamiPhone

I already have Skyfire for iPhone and it rocks! Now i'm going tombuy the iPad version anyways... but i would love to use it for free! #TiPbTeamiPad

Omg this would work great for me. My work just moved to some flash web based access. One of my co- workers said his iPhone works great with skyfire would love it for my iPad. But an iPhone one would be great. iPad prefered. #TiPbTeamiPad, #TiPbTeamiPhone

I would love to own a copy of skyfire for either device, I'm saving hard for an iPad so would love to have a "free" copy of skyfire =) #TiPbTeamiPad or #TiPbTeamiPhone

I would love to own both of these versions for my iPhone and iPad! Flash is a must for browsing all the content I do on my iPad.
#TiPbTeamiPad AND #TiPbTeamiPhone

I've been lovin Skyfire since winmob was a pain in my side... and now excited to see it spruce up my ipad!!! Please, Please

I loved SkyFire on my Windoze mobile phone, but haven't yet broken down enough to purchase it for my iPhone. Free would be nice!

TiPbTeamiPad, I was happy with Skyfire for iPhone but i'm hestitant to pay again for the iPad version. So receiving it for free Will be very welcome.

Can't wait to get the iPhone/iPod version of Skyfire. Found out about it when it first debuted and was 'backordered' at the time. Geting an iPod Touch 4g and it would be a perfect addition to my apps.

def looking to check this out. Im going to have to go with the #TiPbTeamiPhone , for now b/c im waiting for ipad2 before i get it...

TiPbTeamiPad I like it on the iPhone but I'm still using Safari most of the time. I would set this to default browser If I could.

flash, flash, flash, flash, flash, flash, flash, flash, flash, flash, flash, flash, flash, flash, flash, flash, flash, flash, flash, flash, flash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow! I'd really love to try this out; my BIG bugbear with Apple is the rejection of Flash; I understand Steve's sentiments. but to not have the choice is just wrong!

Thanks for the offer. You have a great site which I check daily for my iPhone. Great information about iPhone. Keep it up guys. I would like to have skyfire.

Happy new iphone 4 owner, former loyal BB addict. I love everything about my new toy and I just can't put it down. Safari is one robust browser but not without its limitations. Skyfire would definitely make the experience that much enjoyable :)

This would be so sweet on my iphone and NEW ipad. Thanks
TiPbTeamiPad #TiPbTeamiPhone

I avoid Flash usually, but sometimes there's no way around it if you need to see something that's Flash only. My iPhone would thank you for a code.

I bought it for my iPod Touch before I got my iPad and now I REALLY want it on that too! #TiPbTeamiPad

My 10 year old daughter and I are very excited about skyfire, for #TipbTeamipad. I got her an iPad for the holidays because we use it together when doing certain homework assignments, like geography, research, civics and others. Skyfire will open more of the Internet to us allowing her to get more info and hopefully make the learning process that much more enjoyable.

Thanks for the chance to win this. Keep up the great job guys/girls! I am a photographer and my site is made in flash which means no iphone viewing :( This app and more like it is very much needed!

Captain Kirk to Chekov in Star Trek VI The Undiscovered Country: "Target on that explosion and SKYFire...".
Ah, almost forgot: #TiPbTeamiPad