Want to win a free copy of Skyfire for iPhone or iPad? Enter now!

Skyfire Browser for iPad

Skyfire is the browser for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad that does server-side transcoding, allowing you to watch a lot of the Flash videos that otherwise appear blank on your non-Flash supporting devices. We've posted on both Skyfire for iPhone and iPod touch, and Skyfire for iPad versions before but you know what's better than posting about them? Yup! Giving them away!

Skyfire is offering TiPb readers ten (10!) copies each of Skyfire for iPhone and iPod touch, and Skyfire for iPad and all you have to do to win one is leave a comment below and include #TiPbTeamiPad or #TiPbTeamiPhone so we know which version you want to get! (Yes, you can include both if you're rocking both devices).

Also be sure to include a real email address. We won't make it public but Skyfire will need it to gift you your app!

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Reader comments

Want to win a free copy of Skyfire for iPhone or iPad? Enter now!



Awesome! Now my wife can stop bitching about not being able to watch Flash on her iPad. LOL Just kidding, honey. :)
TiPbTeamiPad or #TiPbTeamiPhone

Skyfire would help me to be more productive if I could stick to just one browser for all browsing needs. Just too many browser apps to serve different needs on my iPod Touch.

It would be great to get a copy of #TiPbTeamiPhone
TiPb is awesome, I love the podcast and site!

I can't wait to try out the social media tabs on my iPad! #TiPbTeamiPad
I also look forward to watching streaming content on my iPhone, I need to know what websites work best with skyfire for iPhone. #TiPbTeamiPhone

I really wanna Skyfire but I do not have money...hope I will win.
Thank you #TiPbTeamiPhone

I'll take one for my iPod Touch;) I keep trying to get my dad to buy one for me! #TiPbTeamiPhone

It would be nice to be able to watch the flash videos on the news sites I usually visit. #TiPbTeamiPad

My husband has wanted one these since it came out for the iPhone. #TiPbTeamiPhone
Now he'll need one for his iPad i gave him for Christmas last week:) #TiPbTeamiPad

TiPbTeamiPad please please please!!
I have an iPhone as well, but I actually care about this on the iPad.
Winning this and saving 5 would be just the happy present I would love right about now.
Thanks tipb!!

TiPbTeamiPhone Downloaded a copy a month ago and was pleasantly surprised to find so many sample Flash enabled websites to check for the app's effectiveness. My take after trying most of the links? Go for it- it can't be wrong!

I want Skyfire for my iPhone badly
But sadly I don't have my own credit card
I will really appreciate if you grant my wish :)

I would absolutely LOVE a free sky fire app for #TiPbTeamiPad. The biggest thorn in my side is not being able to view flash videos and other content on my iPad. Pick me for one of these giveaways, and I will email steve jobs himself to tell him that skyfire did what he failed to do. Go team sky fire!!!!!!

I really love my iPad and use the heck out of it for work and play. I have to boot up my desktop to watch the New Yankee Workshop videos that feed my other passion, woodworking, though. I'd be in iPad heaven if I could watch NYW on my iPad!

Will this get me some real Montreal bagels on my iPhone? I miss them even more than I miss Flash.

TiPbTeamiPhone have been wanting this browser for awhile so I can shut my brother up on his Android phone about how the iPhone "can't do flash". Even if it's only flash video, it's still helpful.

TiPbTeamiPad I'm a poor college grad studying for the LSAT. This app would let me access flash content needed for studying.

TiPbTeamiPad - I'd love to be able to actually use my iPad for some of the videos I see posted around the web instead of having to move back over to my desktop!

TiPbTeamiPhone. I want it for not only the flash but also the extra features like Facebook built in.

Promo codes can be used internationally now right? Would love to try #TiPbTeamiPhone on my iPod touch 4G!

Awesome app offering from an awesome site. Definitely would like to try #TiPbTeamiPhone on my iPhone 3GS!

TiPbTeamiPad because it's year 2011 and it's disgusting that flash is not available for the iPad. But wait, with the new SkyFire iPad app I no longer have to wait. Thanks SkyFire for bringing flash to our iOS devices.
Please people let's stop this unjust apartheid, let's pressure the powers that be and demand the assimilation of all video for iOS.
Or we can just purchase SkyFire, whatever is easier ;)
Thank you.

TiPbTeamiPad if possible - would like to be able to go one better than safari and be able to view Flash Video on the ipad!
Thanks and Happy New Year!

Finally you can get flash and a great browser too, I saw the iPad version and I totally wanna get my hands on on the iPhone version too.

TiPBTeamiPad have made the owning of my ipad the best technological experience I have ever had

Providing Flash Video Facility in the SkyFire is a great achievement same as the great achievement for No. 1 TipbTeam who are approaching to Apple News so fast then others.

TiPbTeamiPad and TiPbTeamiPhone - I do all of my web surfing on iOS (except when I have to go back to my desktop to watch ICanHasCheezeburger videos).

I have one iPad. It's cool, but ok.. I coudn't replace my notebook because two things: doesn't came with a physical keyboard and it doesn't play flash videos.
I got a bluetooth keyboard in the Christmas. Now I'm only one step away from the good life!

What's $5 for who sold more than 500.000?
What's a code for who can giveaway 50 per version?
What's one coffee if you can buy the factory?
What's a happy user?
A lot of feedbacks, bug reports and suggestions in your inbox.
Free marketing to the friends - that can buy it and share more and more.
Tweets and tweets speaking about it! TiPbTeamiPad

TiPbTeamiPhone & #TiPb TeamiPad
Patient exhibiting compulsive downloading of killer apps... Diagnosis: APPSerger's Syndrome!

TiPbTeamiPhone it's a great browser because of it's feature for watching flash click. Awesome

Thank God for SkyFire, I can finally watch flash on my iPhone. Can't afford it for iPad too though...so here it is: #TiPbTeamiPad Thank you for the great app again!

TiPbTeamiPhone,TiPbTeamiPad i like to have this experience in both in my devices and tipb is give it free is two thump up for me !!!

After having read the whole page to find some restriction(s) on the country, and not found one, I have decided (from France) to give me a chance to win !
By the way : #TiPbTeamiPad
Thanks a lot !

TiPbTeamiPhone,TiPbTeamiPad - I had Skyfire on my Palm Pro would love to have it on my iPhone and iPad

I already use Skyfire on my android device and I'd love to replicate the same awesome experience on my iPod Touch!

Skyfire - your #1 must have app for the iPad and iPhone
TiPb - your #1 info source on the iPad and iPhone

I would like to win a Skyfire copy for my iPod and iPad becase that devices doesnt have any support of flash videos and sometimes i need to see flash content and i cant... i saw reviews of skyfire and its fluid amazing and fast #TiPbTeamiPad #TiPbTeamiPhone

Please pick me as a winner of the Skyfire app for iPad. I really enjoy browsing the Internet as well as viewing video flash in my iPhone and would like to enjoy the same perks for my iPad device. Thank you! #TiPbTeamiPad

I have been a fan of skyfire since the symbian days.Please send me a free copy of the skyfire browser for ipad. #TiPbTeamiPad

I would love to have a copy of Skyfire for iPad #TiPbTeamiPad. Have seen it in action and it is absolutely AMAZING! Well done to the dev team!

I need flash on my #TiPbTeamiPad to fully replace my PC at home because in its current condition it wont play flash. Thank you.

I've recently followed skyfire on twitter and have seen a very innovative product that has brought tremendous functionality to both the iPhone and iPad. I would love the opportunity to have this product on my #TiPbTeamiPad. Great job guys on the development of a truly innovative product!!!

I would love a copy of Skyfire for iPad. I already have it for my iPhone and love it.

Can't wait to browse through Skyfire, thanks for forwarding the free copy of Skyfire..Th #TiPbTeamiPad

Hope it's not too late to enter!? I love TiPb, and would love Skyfire for my iPad. #TiPbTeamiPad woot!

dream browser for my iPad :)..........skyfire is best solution,best of the best browser...:))))))).....dream it....

Hi, I just found this site and Skyfire site/app. I feel like I am in heaven. I don't know what to do first. . . Read, download, or close my mouth cause it is hanging open in shock, lol. WOW is all I can say. I can't believe my luck on finding these sites/apps. I am not a computer idiot, I hold my own, but now I can know more than my teenage son who thinks I am an idiot when it comes to this stuff! Thank you so much for such a great site and for the opportunity to know more than my know it all son, hahaha!!!! YOU JUST MADE MY DAY! Woooo hoooo

Es detestable ir a una pagina de internet y que haya un espacio vacio. Por eso TiPb es el mejor porque veras que hay en ese espacio gracias al skyfire que te ofrecen # TiPbTeamiPad o TiPbTeamiPhone #

Come on, i need skyfire for my iphone (my business's web site is flash :( no other way)

i want and i love to used skyfire #TiPbTeamiPhone
i want and i love to used skyfire #TiPbTeamiPad

if you are truly providing this for free, thanks very much for doing doing so! (if not....). Thanks. #TiPbTeamiPad

I would love to win Skyfire! It would be great to finally have something that plays flash on my iPod:) #TiPbTeamiPhone

Tipb totally rocks when getting the info I need regarding my iPad and iPhone. It has helped me get the info I needed (I'm a novice)to make adjustments to my iPad without completely messing it up. I have heard great things regarding the sky fire capabilities and there are so many things I can't see without flash. My info (my fingers are crossed) is balboabecky@frontier.com
I could use both if possible. The tipbteamipad and tipbteamiphone (iPad more important)