WWDC 2014 swag bag includes App Store gift card and conference jacket

WWDC 2014 swag bag includes a $25 App Store gift card and conference jacket

Years from now, people will gaze upon this coat and as "Where did you get such a fine and luxurious garment?" And you will be able to answer, "WWDC 2014." Registering for WWDC has never been a cheap affair, and this year developers are being gifted with a black jacket embroidered with the WWDC14 wordmark and a $25 gift card for use in the App Store.

That gift card bears the message "25 years and coding", and yes, it's for the App Store. Where else would a developer want to spend $25 — perhaps on a brand-new Apple Thunderbolt 2 display? Nope, sorry, no can do. It's for apps. But it is at least a special edition gift card bearing the WWDC 2014 teaser design. That'll be worth something someday, right?

WWDC 2014 kicks off tomorrow with a sure-to-be-blockbuster keynote scheduled for 10AM Pacific (1PM Eastern). What are you most looking forward to?

Source: @mini_sf, Harrison Weinerman (Twitter)

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WWDC 2014 swag bag includes App Store gift card and conference jacket