Yahoo Finance redesign will satiate your stock market cravings

Yahoo Finance is for the stock market junkies

Yahoo's Finance app for the iPhone and iPad has received a major update today that brings with it some new features for financial news and information junkies to check out.

Yahoo offers a quick summary of what's included in the new 2.2 version:

The updated app for iPhone and iPad now delivers real-time stock quotes front and center. In addition, the app creates a personalized newsfeed from all the stocks and companies you follow. Everything updates in real time, giving you a quicker, more seamless experience on the go.

The app also has a News tab that lets users get quick access to stories from Yahoo Finance. In addition to the new iOS version, there's also a revamped app for Android devices as well.

Will you be be checking out the new Yahoo Finance app for the iPhone and iPad?

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Source: Yahoo

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Yahoo Finance redesign will satiate your stock market cravings


Yes, Call me crazy but I've always liked Yahoo's portal better than google. That includes yahoo email service. But, that's just me.