Yahoo cancels some of their mobile apps, plans to keep moving and keep innovating

Yahoo has announced that they're canceling some of their mobile apps in an effort to -- wait for it -- keep moving and keep innovating. Some of the apps that will be discontinued:

  • Yahoo! Meme (iPad and iPhone)
  • Yahoo! Mim (iPad)
  • Yahoo! Answers (Android)
  • Yahoo! AppSpot (Android and iPhone)
  • Yahoo! Deals (iPhone)
  • Yahoo! Finance (BlackBerry)
  • Yahoo! Movies (Android)
  • Yahoo! News (Android)
  • Yahoo! Shopping (iPhone)
  • Yahoo! Sketch-a-Search (iPad and iPhone)

Yahoo has been in the mobile space for quite some time and managed to amass a good amount of apps so looking to cut some of their weight and move on isn't necessarily a bad thing. The decommissioning of these apps, as Yahoo noted, will allow them to put more effort into creating other applications, like LiveStand in the mobile space. Of course, the apps that Yahoo! cut weren't really up there in terms of usage and it's hard to imagine anyone will be sad to see any of them go.

Source: Yahoo via: Android Central

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Reader comments

Yahoo cancels some of their mobile apps, plans to keep moving and keep innovating


yeah like i look at the left hand margin and imagine they could get some decent attention with apps targeted at some of those things. I may not use most of them but i'd bet somebody would like an app dedicated to one of the following, OMG, Yahoo mail, a better yahoo finance, yahoo jobs, flicker, yahoo music, cars, etc

Move ahead and keep innovating??? Excuse me?! Yahoo is a joke.... after, what?, 5 years? Yahoo Messenger on iOS still does not give you the ability to:

  • Save chat history
  • Email chat history
  • Copy text

Like... WTF? How about they go back to the drawing board.

i'm not sure this is a bad thing. I tried Yahoo Finanace and it was horrible and would not read any of the portfolios i had. you could reinstall, delete, fully close out of the app but it does not matter. It just doesn't register any changes. It's like having an email account that never ever sees any new mail. And i mean ever. I ended up deleting it. HOnestly i wish there was a google finance app with access to my portfolios.
regardless Yahoo has a bunch of stuff that lots of people uses that i think would make good apps or have apps, like yahoo finance, that need to be updated. Hopefully getting rid of these will mean they focus on the others.