YouMail premium give away!

YouMail premium give away!

We told you about YouMail's latest update on Monday, well now they've been so kind as to provide TiPb with ten (10) codes for YouMail premium to pass on to... you!

YouMail is handier, faster, and more fun than your iPhone visual voicemail – and free! Scroll and play like before, but on any device: iPhone, iPod, iPad, computer, or e-mail account. Enjoy visual caller ID, showing caller photos, name, and city and state. Wow callers, automatically greeting them by name. Share important voicemail easily, and save it forever, neatly organized in folders. And, for a small monthly fee, you can save time by simply reading your voicemail within the app or by e-mail, without ever having to listen to it. YouMail requires iOS 4.2 or later.

Want one? Just download the free YouMail app to get a feel for it, then leave a comment telling us which person you'd most like to get a YouMail message from -- famous, fictitious, or just plain funny. Make sure you include a real email address (we won't publish it but will use it to contact you if you win.) We'll pick 10 of you and give you the codes.

Ready... set... go!

[Free - iTunes link]


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There are 110 comments. Add yours.

xxDruMMer BoYxx says:

I'd like to get a message from Steve Jobs to find out his condition and pray for him :(, and I'd like to get a message from Georgia and Rene telling me I won the YouMail Premium. ;D

kmiahali says:

I'd like to get a YouMail message from Mickey Rourke. I want to see what he's like outside of being evil, or a villain. Rene, perhaps? :)

Dan Northern says:

I'd have to say Mel Gibson. Who wouldn't want an irate Voicemail from that guy?
Thanks guys!

Ilovegeorgia says:

I'd youmail Andy Rubin and tell him how much a mess android is lol

Jacky Chung says:

I want to receive an e-mail from Jonathan Ive telling me what's his next great industrial design for Apple products. He keeps on amazing the world for the past 10 years :-)

gregmg79 says:

I would like to get a message from george carlin telling me what he thinks of Sarah Palin! I bet it would be hilarious (& true)!!!

Mrtax2005 says:

I’d youmail Silvio Berlusconi and Ask him the number telephone ... of Ruby! lol

Rusty says:

My 3year old daughter telling me what she did today.

Matt says:

I would like to get a sales pitch youmail from Steve Jobs, giving me the hard sell on why I want to buy everything through his store and store my credit card info on my phone to swipe it for everything from coffee to bus fares

Manuel says:

I would want Justin Timberlake too call me because he has been playing cartoon characters lately and he is hilarious too me :) i would want to ask him questions on youmail on how he looks for these auditions. (Social Network rules)

Ewok2k says:

I'd like a voicemail from darth vader

GrandmaBetty says:

I'd love a call from God. I'd love to tell him how effed up this world of his is.

Vernadette says:

A call from Richard Pryor!

Billy Childress says:

I'd like to get a YouMail message from Tyler Durden, from "Fight Club".

Rich says:

Aside from Georgia? ;) I'd like a YouMail from Lady Gaga explaining that whole Grammy red carpet thing. And I don't even like Lady Gaga lol.

rbjkman says:

That's sn easy one i would like a YouMail from the All Mighty. Who knows it could happen...

jbuck387 says:

Besides a message from TiPB saying I won!? I'd like a message from Zach Galifianakis singing the best friends song from "The Hangover"

Matt says:

I'd like to get an email from my future self with pictures of the iPhone 10.

rbascon says:

I'd like to get a message from Jon Stewart of the Daily Show talking about how he wants to do a segment on how YouMail can as cool as Chat Roulette Porn.

Michael Anderson says:

I would love a YouMail from Miles Davis. Sure he has been dead nearly 20 years ... but I still think about how haunting that voice would be ...

Prec says:

I'd like a message from Justine Bieber. I can post the message, get a million girls hating me for it, and then probably create a bid at eBay for ditzy teens around the world. That's how crazy the world is for that gay crap.

Ben says:

I'd love to get a voicemail from my twin girls (just giggling is fine since they're only a year old).

CorpRoadie says:

I'd love to get a vmail from my dogs telling me to come home from work and be with them!

Mdpatsfan says:

From Jobs himself, mad bc I'm not using apples mail app :)

Crunch says:

I would love to get a message from my mom, a tremendous person, who makes me one lucky S.O.B. to have her as a mother. She is still learning to email but she is still a bit (too) cautious about the big, bad Internet. :)

Mike says:

I would want to get a voicemail from Patrick Star. For those that don't know, he is the pink starfish from the Spongebob cartoon series. As dumb and goofy as Patrick is on the show, it would be funny hearing him leaving a message and then having it transcribed.

Jon says:

I'd like to hear what Alexander Graham Bell has to say about all of this.

aviationwiz says:

I'd like to wake up to a Youmail from my manager telling me to take the day off... with pay!

friscosooner says:

I've been using YouMail for a long time and love it. The premium version would be great.
Personally, I'd like to get message from the Hulk. I can picture him trying to hold a phone in his hands while getting angry at the greeting I would have!!!

JustinTime says:

I'd like to get a message from Elvis telling me I'm his hunk of burning love!!

CJ Kanash says:

I would like to receive a YouMail from the kid that played Mark Zuckerburg in the movie The Social Network. His portrayal of MZ was hilarious. And his way of talking in short bursts is off the charts funny!

bilbothejust says:

I want a call from MollyWood, my favorite BOL person

eyraud says:

i'd like to hear from scarlett johansson! <3

npa says:

I would like to get a voice mail from Q telling me that YouMail makes humans superior to the whole continuum.

dloveprod says:

I'd like to get a message from my true love, wherever he might be.

Chris Coleman says:

I'd like to get a call from Obama with an apology for being the typical "politician", and a promise to keep "We The People" in mind when making future decisions...

Jon says:

I'd like to get a messagel from Steve jobs , apologizing for the white iPhone delay :D

Tweger01 says:

I'd like go get a message from Truth, the old poster on this site. Whatever happened to that guy?

Xultar says:

I'd like to get a YouMail from Mubarak. I wanna know where he hid all the Egyptians money. They could really use it to fix the government his ignorant ass broke.

jb says:

Too easy... A message from Leanna L's to me would be epic! You know why by just looking at her pix! Smokin'

meinvein says:

I want a message from the voice in the ring telling me that I only have 7 days until my free trial runs out.

mjdenes says:

I want to get a nice long VM message from STEVE JOBS telling me all about the new iPhone 5.0 coming out this summer!

Debbie Ripps says:

I want to receive a message from Steve Wozniak with an invite to his house. He seems like a fun character and I'd love to sit with him and chat for a day or two.

Shanice says:

voicemail from yoda Shanice like

Noviatech (Saskatoon) says:

Id like it to be available in Canada

Adam S. says:

I would like to hear from Lindsay Blohan and find out why she stole the necklace.

rdbecker says:

I would want to hear from Larry King. I'd love to ask him if his shoulder blades touch.

munchkinsdad says:

I would like to hear Haley Berry leave a message whispering sweet nothings...

gfountaine says:

I would like to send message to President Obama. His recent visit to Bay Area shows he supports growth of tech. How about free national Internet access for everyone. That would stimulate economy & jobs...

DamnSkippy says:

Jimmy Hoffa, telling me where he's been hiding.

geode says:

The best YouMail message would be one from some intelligent being from well beyond our solar system. First, it would be amazingly historical. Second, it would mean that AT&T did some real work on their network finally...

mat8823 says:

I like to get a message from D.B. Cooper telling me where all of the money is hidden.

Alkhemist says:

Christopher Walkin, doing what he does.
Nuff said.

John-Fox says:

Been a YouMail user since about 2006. I always enjoy a YouMail from my Mother. I get them a lot, considering I don't answer when she calls. Ha!

Nicole says:

Besides for you all letting me know that I won..I would love to get a message from a single straight man who is at the airport waiting at the airport for his sister, but accidentally got my voicemail & leaves his flight info to pick him up and I go to the airport so that he is not stranded & we meet & fall in love & the rest would be a fairytail ended..I'm a hopeless romantic what can I say : )

Tallon says:

It would be awesome to get one from the perfect woman... "Jenifer Aniston"...

SvedishChef says:

Please enter me for a chance to win. THANKS!

Timm says:

Jack Bauer~~ You are gonna tell me what I wanna know, it's just a matter of how much you want it to hurt.

iXiCYNiKiXi says:

I'd like to hear from Rene Ritchie, telling me all the insider info about the next iPhone, iOS 5, that magical apple television, and that I'm a newest writer for!
(and not to mention that I've won the YouMail premium give away!)
Hey, who said dreams can't come true?

Amy says:

I want a voice mail from Dave Grohl telling me that he's been aware of my unrequited desire for him and he's ready to oblige. :-)

Sean says:

Sofia Vergara, got to love that beautiful accent.

Misskace says:

I'd want a Youmail from Noah, telling what's it's like to be a floating zoo.

Jorge franqui says:

I would like to receive a message from steve jobs telling me what the future iphones will be like and also if the next gen iphone would be nano size

Gérémy#IM says:

I would love to receive a message from Steve Jobs telling me I'm part of the lead design team for the next revolutionary Apple device!

Mark Tesch says:

I'd like to receive youmail from the hottest woman on tipb! I leave that to you guys to decide;) let the wars begin!

mph122074 says:

I would like to a message from all the TiPb team telling me I won this premium Youmail.

kc brown says:

I wanna hear Sade whisper Smooth Operator

Riley says:

I would like to hear from The Doctor.

MaggieB says:

I would love to get my YouMail message from my son, PFC Bxxxxll, stationed 1000 miles from home.... Because while they grow up and o on to have lives of their own your kids will always be your kids.

mojo1017 says:

ive loved using this free app. its been the best visual voicemail app. i would love to get the premium version because its a price i haven't been able to justify as the free version is pretty damn awesome

Gameboy213 says:

Steve Jobs..... With some iPad 3 info.

Johnnyreb09 says:

I can tell you who I don't want one from? Yo MAMA! Lol
Tell her to stop sending me those dirty pictures! Ewh gross...

Jay says:

I thought this app was interesting and was going to download it from the App Store. When I read the first batch of reviews all I saw was buggy, crashes and other issues. No thanks! My luck I will be one of the 10 that gets picked. LMAO! I couldn't win the iPhone, huh?

BBCurve9300 says:

I'd love to get a text message from Olivia Munn, it would say "Baby we have dinner reservations tonight"
I think that would make my life complete.

Ken says:

Message from Charlie Sheen: "I won't be able to make it tonight but take good care of my porn star ladies!"

Thorasgar says:

From Rupert begging forgiveness for all his evil deeds.

Eric Garland says:

I'd really like to get a YouMail message from Futureman...just letting me know it's all gonna be okay.
It's gonna be ok, people! Futureman said so! On my YouMail!

B4 says:

From my old classmate who is oversees and we lost touch.

Nate says:

I would love to hear from Elvis and find out where he is really hiding.

Kenneth says:

Would love to get one from Warren Buffet.

xultar says:

I'd like a message from a mental health facility telling me that Glenn Beck's padded room is ready.

Darrell Green says:

Id love to hear from me, from the future. Imagine the possibilities...

lush242000 says:

I want a message from Neil Armstrong telling me the moon landing was fake and where the sound stage was!!! Of course I would love to have a message from Howard Stern telling me I could spend a day in the studio! Or even better one from Saddam telling me where he hid the weapons of mass whatever. Of course an invite to party with Charlie Sheen could not be ignored!
At the end of the day however, I'll take a message from my wife and daughter anytime!!!!

David says:

Id like to get a message from Georgia your editor she's hot.

JF7FSU says:

I want to hear from an Alien. Lady Gaga will fit that bill fine.

gumby188 says:

James Earl Jones - "You're not watching CNN, You're calling me"

Nathan Cremisino says:

Rainn Wilson...either as himself or Dwight....either would be amazing!!!

Phil Bear says:

Shatner. William Shatner.
Accept no substitutes.

Shotz says:

Mel Brooks - you can't call him on his unlisted wall and he's not sure about this "Beaming" stuff

Tallon says:

this looks pretty cool... I would love to give it a try...

Bob Moreno says:

Looks pretty good I'd like a call from Commander Adama.

Gaston says:

One of these days I will win this :)

Gaston says:

I'm dumb...left it out. I would love to get a prank call from PeeWee Herman!

Shay Matthews says:

I'd love a message from Alexander Grahm Bell explaining how his telephone works. That just belongs on an iphone.

Rick0926 says:

I would love to get a voicemail from Steve Jobs. He would admit he wasn't really sick, he just needed to have a way to test the iPhone 5 "in the wild" every day in lots of places without being suspicious. That's why he wanted the media to respect his privacy...

Jay McKenney says:

I want to get a YouMail from Charlie Sheen declaring me the WINNER.

Mike says:

I think a YouMail message from Chuck Norris would be cool. Of course, YouMail would probably be afraid....and run.