Several new banks are now offering Apple Pay support for credit and debit cards. We're looking at 18 new banks and credit unions adding support for the payment service.

The most recent group of additions include the Bank of Hawaii and American Airlines Credit Union. With these latest additions, Apple Pay now has more than 100 institutions behind it, with millions of customers able to make payments using only their iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus.

Here are the latest banks to support Apple Pay:

  • Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union
  • American Airlines Credit Union
  • Bank of Hawaii
  • Baxter Credit Union
  • CFE Federal Credit Union
  • Commonwealth Credit Union
  • Foothill Credit Union
  • Founders Federal Credit Union
  • IBM Southest Employees Federal Credit Union
  • Lister Hill Credit Union
  • PenFed Credit Union
  • North Shore Bank
  • Royal Credit Union
  • Schools First Federal Credit Union
  • Spokane Teachers Federal Credit Union
  • Telhio Credit Union
  • University First Federal Credit Union
  • West Community Credit Union

In addition the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, Apple Pay will be supported by the Apple Watch following its expected release in April 2015.

Source: Apple, Via: 9to5Mac