I know Dieter hearts 1Password and it's probably the first thing I load up any time I install -- or re-install -- a Mac. They've got a great FREE iPhone app, but you really need the big desktop brother to get the full functionality, which includes Keychain password filling integrated right into any Mac browser, as well as wallet storage, and a personal favorite -- super-strong pseudo-random password generation.

They had a great special on Halloween, but Thanksgiving? Frankly, they're blowing us away. Anyone who currently has a 1Password license can GIVE away up to 3 FREE licenses to their friends! Those who haven't got 1Password, or friends with 1Password to give them this awesome gift, can buy a license for 15% off, and still get in on the FREE give away!

Offer's good until Sunday, November 30th, so if you want it, go grab it.

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