3G Unrestrictor updated to Bring FaceTime over 3G back to iOS 4.1! [Jailbreak]

FaceTime over 3G was one of the most popular reasons to Jailbreak, yet with the rush to upgrade to iOS 4.1 now that both Limera1n and Greenpois0n Jailbreaks have been released, users quickly found out that it no longer worked.

Well, Kim Streich has quickly updated 3G Unresictor to fix this issue and bring back FaceTime over 3G. The app allows users to bypass some apps' limitations by tricking them into thinking they are on WiFi, even though they are really on 3G or EDGE. Users can pick and choose which apps they want to 3G un-restrict individually.

If you haven't picked up 3G Unrestrictor yet, it is $3.99 in the Cydia Store.

by Farbod

IM Staff

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