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4 More Apps Bite the Dust

Atari's legal team is getting quite a workout lately, just yesterday they demanded that 4 more App Store games be removed with more likely to come. It was not long ago that TiPb reported that two other notables were forcefully removed, Tris and PhoneSaber.

The 4 apps kicking the bucket this time around due to "infringements against the pong and breakout copyrights" are as follows (iTunes links): BreakClassic (opens in new tab), BreakTouch 3D (opens in new tab), Super Pong 2 (opens in new tab), and 3D Vector Pong (opens in new tab).

As of today, all 4 of these apps are still available via the App Store. So get them while you can!


  • It looks like the two above apps with "Pong" in their name just changed the app name to not include the term. Hopefully that will be enough to appease Atari...
  • Commander Buzzkill here. Is anyone else tired of seeing so much of the iPhone app ecosystem looking like 1982? I'm glad Atari is protecting their IP; now we just need Intellivision, Coleco, and Sinclair to do the same.
  • Guess I'd better hang on to my Break Classic. As I've also got Phone Saber maybe my iPhone will be worth a lot of money at some point! There are quite a few "breakout" type games available at the moment, does this mean most of them will be pulled as well?
  • I have phonesaber and it is now marked as needing an update. When checked via iTunes, it comes up as Lightsaber Unleashed but there is nowhere to click "get update". When I click "get all free updates" it then tells me that the item I requested is not available in the US store yet. It must still be in a galaxy far far away.