500px update adds built-in camera, Lightroom editor

500px has announced that its updated iOS app adds more capabilities for the mobile photographer. The update brings a number of new and notable features, including a built-in camera so you can snap shots directly within the app, a professional photo editor, import capabilities from Lightroom, and support for secure login thanks to 1Password integration.

Here is what the update brings:

  • Built-in camera with the option to control focus and exposure manually
  • A professional photo editor powered by Adobe Lightroom technologies, which enables the photographer to adjust the exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, clarity, vibrance, temperature, tint, sharpening, and noise reduction of an image. Additionally, the editor has 22 different presets available to layer onto any photo taken with or imported into the app.
  • Photo Import from Adobe Lightroom Mobile giving users who use Adobe Lightroom a seamless experience
  • Support for the 1Password extension for secure and easy app login
Chuong H Nguyen