Fancy saving $70 on the AirPods Max headphones? Here's how

Airpods Max On End Hero
Airpods Max On End Hero (Image credit: Joseph Keller / iMore)

On Apple's own site, the AirPods Max sit at $549, an eye-watering price for even the most die-hard Apple fan. At the moment, however, Amazon have them listed at an impressively lower $479 - that's $70 cheaper. And it's not just on one colour either - the entire lineup has been reduced, making this a very tempting offer.

AirPods Max

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$70 off Apple's highest-end headphones is nothing to sniff at, especially when it brings them that much closer to the competition. That's on all the color options as well - so if you've fancied some red, green, or blue ones for a while, now is the time to hit the 'buy it now' button.

But what do you get for 479 of your hard-earned dollars? A lot, all be told. Soundwise, expect some of the best in the business. In our AirPods Max review, we described them as a 'HiFi wonder', and after popping your favourite tracks through their 40mm drivers, you'll soon see why.

It's not all about the sound, however - otherwise, you'd get a wired pair that cost less. The AirPods Max are extremely convenient for users of Apple hardware, given how easy they are to pair with any of your devices. Battery life is excellent, although some users have reported battery draining issues - thankfully, these appear to have been fixed more recently.

There's also the full gamut of Apple's little extras. There's the ever-impressive Spatial Audio that brings directional sound through Dolby Atmos, making music sound like it's coming from all around you, rather than just to the left and to the right. Noise Cancelling performance is amongst the very best you can get, and the Apple Watch-Esque digital crown is great to use.

They do lack support for Apple Music's excellent sounding lossless audio streaming, and the case that comes in the box is at best 'nice to touch' and at worst 'useless', but these foibles become far easier to forgive at a $70 price drop.

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