The Satechi Stand & Hub is my favorite accessory for Mac mini and an essential purchase for any tiny Mac desktop owner

A fantastic addition.

Satechi Stand & Hub Mac Mini M2
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iMore Verdict

A brilliant extension to any Mac Studio or Mac mini setup, the Satechi Stand & Hub gives you extra ports and access to extra storage without taking up any extra space — this is a no-brainer for Mac desktop users.


  • +

    Connects via a single cable

  • +

    Looks like Apple made it

  • +

    Easily add extra SSD storage


  • -

    Color is slightly off

  • -

    While they work, USB ports are not designed for charging

  • -

    Needs more USB-C

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I’ll cut to the chase: I don’t see a reason why a Mac mini or Mac Studio owner wouldn’t want Satechi’s Stand & Hub with NVMe SSD Enclosure. The Stand & Hub works as an extension of Apple’s design language to bring extra ports to your desktop Mac — and it just works.

While the Satechi Stand & Hub for Mac mini and Mac Studio might not have the same functionality as other docks on the market, this product is in a category of its own for those looking to add ports without fraying away from Apple’s gorgeous products. The Stand & Hub is brilliant, but is it for you?

Satechi Stand & Hub: Price and availability

Satechi Stand & Hub on M2 Mac Mini

(Image credit: Future)

The Satechi Stand & Hub with NVMe SSD Enclosure for Mac mini and Mac Studio is available directly from Satechi and via Amazon for $99.99/£89.99. With no stock constraints and fast shipping via Amazon Prime, you can get the product at your door in just a few days. 

The Stand & Hub only comes in silver but the whole point of the product is to blend into your M-series Mac Mini or Mac Studio so the sole color option makes perfect sense.

Satechi Stand & Hub: What’s good?

Very rarely does a product just make total sense for a particular user group, but the Satechi Stand & Hub with NVMe SSD Enclosure for Mac mini and Mac Studio (we’ll go with Stand & Hub moving forward) is almost perfect for all mini and Studio owners. As an M2 Mac mini owner myself, I’ve always wanted more ports without deterring from Apple’s simplistic design and that’s exactly what the Stand & Hub does.

Made from aluminum, the Stand & Hub feels like something “Designed by Apple in California,” which makes the product a natural extension of your Mac. The patented design connects through a single flexible USB-C cable at the rear of the device and features “elevated mounting brackets to ensure a secure hold and carefully positioned vents to promote airflow and keep your device cool.”

Satechi Stand & Hub on M2 Mac Mini

(Image credit: Future)

The single cable extends your Mac’s ports by adding an SD, MICRO SD, Audio Jack, 2xs USB-A 3.2 up to 5Gbps, USB-A 3.2 up to 10Gbps, USB-C 3.2 up to 10Gbps, and the awesome ability to add SSD storage. All the ports work as advertised although Satech says they aren’t designed for charging. In my testing, I was able to charge an iPhone 15 Pro Max, an iPad Pro, and even a Nintendo Switch without any issues — but it’s worth noting Satechi doesn’t recommend this.

Satechi Stand & Hub on M2 Mac Mini

(Image credit: Future)

At the bottom of the Stand & Hub, there’s a secret compartment for an NVMe or M.2 SATA SSD, and considering the cost of extra storage directly from Apple when buying a Mac this is an absolute delight. Yes, you can add storage in many different ways but this clutter-free solution is ideal for anyone wanting their Mac to look as Apple as possible. From testing the speeds are optimized as reported, which means both NVMe and M.2 SATA drives can reach up to 10Gbps speeds.

Since I unboxed the Stand & Hub it has remained a constant on my desk underneath my Mac mini and combined with a dock, like the NewQ 16-in-1 I reviewed previously, my Mac mini is set for anything I throw at it.

Satechi Stand & Hub on M2 Mac Mini

(Image credit: Future)

Satechi Stand & Hub: What’s not so good?

While I love this product and think that any Mac mini or Mac Studio owner should buy one, there are a few issues that I hope Satechi fixes in the next iteration of the Stand & Hub.

First of all, the silver color is ever so slightly different from my Mac mini and while I’ve grown to accept it, I would like a product that is advertised as a natural extension to the mini and Studio to be perfectly color-matched.

Satechi Stand & Hub on M2 Mac Mini

(Image credit: Future)

I would also like for future Stand & Hubs to be advertised with charging in mind. I understand there are limitations based on the sole USB-C cable plugged into the back of the Mac, but people use ports to charge their other products and consumers shouldn’t be deterred from doing so. Charging works, but I can’t guarantee it will work for all your products — and Satechi makes it clear in the user manual that these ports shouldn’t be used for charging. 

Finally, I want to see more USB-C ports instead of USB-A, I like the variety but in 2024 most cables around people’s houses are USB-C. Make future iterations have two or three USB-C ports and less USB-A, it just makes sense.

Satechi Stand & Hub: Competition

Satechi Stand & Hub on M2 Mac Mini

(Image credit: Future)

There isn’t much competition for a product so meticulously designed for Mac mini and Mac Studio. Satechi offers another version for older Mac minis with a darker gray color option and no SSD slot for $79.99.

There are other offerings in our best docks for Mac mini guide such as the Qwiizlab which has space for a mini hard drive or the VAYDEER which works vertically. That said Satechi makes fantastic products and every little detail has been thought of with this product to ensure it stands out above its competition.

Satechi Stand & Hub: Should you buy it?

Buy the Satechi Stand & Hub if…

  • You own a Mac mini or Mac Studio
  • You need more ports
  • You want to extend SSD storage

Don't buy the Satechi Stand & Hub if…

  • You only want ports for charging
  • You don’t own a Mac mini or Mac Studio

Satechi Stand & Hub: Verdict

The Satechi Stand & Hub with NVMe SSD Enclosure for Mac mini and Mac Studio is ideal for those who want to add more ports or storage to their desktop Mac. With a gorgeous aluminum frame and a patented design that helps cool your Mac, Satechi has made a product that feels like the natural extension to a Mac mini or Mac Studio that every owner should have.

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