Dimmer is an iPhone and iPad application that allows you to quickly adjust your screen's brightness level without having to navigate through the Settings app. Just launch Dimmer and slide the lightswitch up or down and you're good to go! It also comes with preset options so that you can quickly switch to a reading mode or outdoor mode.

This is a great alternative to those who don't like to idea of installing profiles on their device that add Settings shortcuts to their home page. Not to mention, Apple has removed that ability from the iOS 5.1 beta, so it may not even be an option come its release.

iPhone back light can be adjusted in favorite luminosity very quickly. We recommend you to put this app on your home screen. Because your iPhone life becomes comfortable ”epoch-makingly

  • Advanced Mode
  • Preset function
  • Color bars function
  • Start & Preset Function
  • Start & Preset A ⇔ B

Dimmer is available on the iPhone and iPad for free.

[App Store link]

Thanks [@pdxbrothaman for the tip!]

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