The AirPods Max just hit their lowest ever price

Airpods Max Setup
Airpods Max Setup (Image credit: Rene Ritchie)

The AirPods Max are expensive - at $549 they are one of the most expensive pairs of noise-canceling wireless headphones you can hook up to your iPhone. So anytime there is some kind of reduction it's worth perking up and taking notice - especially when that discount is $120!

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AirPods Max | was $549, now $429 at Amazon (opens in new tab)

Apple's most premium headsets have been reduced on Amazon - the Space Grey and Pink color options are now $430. This brings them to their lowest price ever - and a price that will most certainly not last long, so if you've been looking at them for a while, this should push you over the edge!

The AirPods Max are big and heavy - the earcups are milled out of aluminum, and the tech that Apple has packed inside is dense and extremely cool. They're surprisingly comfortable over long periods of time despite their weight due to Apple's odd-looking netted headband, and the removable earcups are deep and soft. Noise-canceling will mean that you won't be disturbed anywhere while you're wearing them, from the train to the office.

The sound is very good too. They are a little bass-forward, but you'll find their sound profile pleasing if you're used to Apple headphones. in fact, in our AirPods Max review we reported that they make the user feel like they're in a concert hall, right at the front - high praise indeed. They aren't perfect; for the price, the included carrying case is woeful, resembling more some kind of magnetic form of underwear rather than a protective case that's supposed to keep your expensive metal headphones safe.

Thankfully, you won't have to pay full price - there's $120 off at Amazon, where you can buy the Pink (opens in new tab) and Space Gray (opens in new tab) color options for $430 each. The Silver (opens in new tab) and Sky Blue (opens in new tab) colors are 'only' $70 off, while the Green (opens in new tab) are $50 off. Either way, there are some great savings on the AirPods Max, but if you want the big discounts you might have to narrow your color preferences.

Want to see some other AirPods deals? Prime Day is coming soon, and there are sure to be some reductions on the rest of the AirPod range - see what to expect here, on our Prime Day AirPods deals page.

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