It's the Battle of the Beats with big discounts in the last few hours of Cyber Monday

Beats Studio3 Headphones in Black
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Cyber Monday is a great time to buy some headphones, but with so many discounts, it can be tricky to work out which model you should go for.

We've seen discounts on Apple's AirPods Max, but if you're not keen on the look of them (or the price tag), much of the same functionality can be found within the Beats family of products.

And, while we've already seen the Beats Studio Pro discounted by 50%, the Beats Solo 3 headphones are also seeing a big reduction at Best Buy.

The retailer is offering the $200 headphones for just $99 - another 50% discount that's music to our ears.

Retailer quick links

Beats over-ear headphones for under $100

Beats Solo 3 | $199.99 $99.99 at Best Buy

Beats Solo 3 | $199.99 $99.99 at Best Buy

Save more than half the MSRP off of the Beats Studio Pro and get a lot of the benefits of AirPods for under $170.

Price check: $99.95 at Amazon | $99.99 at Target

Beats Studio Pro | $349.99 $169.99 at Amazon

Beats Studio Pro | $349.99 $169.99 at Amazon

Save more than half the MSRP off of the Beats Studio Pro and get a lot of the benefits of AirPods for under $170.

Price check: $169.99 at Best Buy | $169.99 at Target

Should you buy the Beats Solo3 or Studio Pro?

We were a little down on the Studio Pro in our review, awarding the more expensive headphones 2.5 stars out of 5 - but it's not because they're bad. It was more down to a lack of exciting new features or a design refresh from the prior Beats Studio3 models, which were great but getting a little old.

On the other hand, the Solo3 scored 4 stars back in 2019. Do they still hold up as well now? In a lot of ways, yes, but there are some elements that feel a little like a time capsule of the time.

For one, while the Studio Pro charges using USB-C, the Solo3 still come with a micro-USB in the box (remember those), and there's absolutely zero noise cancelling.

With all that in mind, you'll likely find there's more to enjoy about the Studio Pro, but the Solo 3 remain an excellent pair of headphones - especially at this price.

The Beats Solo3 are discounted just about everywhere, but you'll find different colorways at each. Amazon has Black, White, Rose Gold, and Red, for example, but you'll find Gold at Target.

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