Don't lose your keys and don't lose out on these great Prime Day AirTag deals

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Airtag Hold Up Cover Hero (Image credit: Joseph Keller / iMore)

If you're ever lost your keys, backpack, wallet, or anything else important, you know it's frustrating and annoying to replace those important items. I've lost my keys and wallet more times than I can count; however, I haven't lost either of them since Apple launched the AirTag.

These little white discs have a bunch of neat features all tied to the Find My network, meaning they aren't just great for finding things around the house but AirTags are awesome for tracking down lost items you've left behind anywhere. When we reviewed the AirTag we couldn't get enough of awesome features like Precision Finding (if you have an iPhone 11 or newer) that allows you to summon up a large white arrow on your iPhone's screen pointing toward your nearby AirTag. As you get very close to your AirTag, your iPhone will start to vibrate until it emits a sound when you're right on the tag, making it the most accurate tracker yet. You can grab one AirTag for $27.50 at Amazon right now, or you can pick up this four-pack of AirTags for $84.99 at Amazon — a discount of about $15.

Never lose track of your items with these Prime Day AirTags deals

Don't miss these fantastic AirTag accessory deals this Prime Day

If you want to attach the AirTag to your keys, the outside of a bag, or a smaller object, you'll want some kind of carrier since AirTags don't come with one included. We've rounded up the best Prime Day Apple deals on our favorite AirTags accessories. Here are the best below.

There's really not a better time to buy AirTags or any other Apple product than on Prime Day. Whether you're searching for the best Prime Day Apple Watch Deals or the best Prime Day AirPods Deals, there's something for every Apple lover.

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