Robot vacuums are definitely one of my favorite pieces of tech, mainly because they allow me to be even lazier than I was before. All jokes aside, they are extremely useful pieces of technology. My wife and I recently got one and boy, let me tell you how much it has helped us around the house. We are now no longer losing the never-ending fight against pet hair. eufy is a company that makes really solid Robovacs at reasonable prices so we've compiled them all here to help you decide which one to get.

The Original: Robovac 11

This is the basic, get-the-job-done Robovac. It has eufy's 3-Point Cleaning System which uses two swivel brushes in the front to sweep the dirt into the main brush at the back and also has a triple filter system to ensure maximum cleanliness. It runs for about 100 minutes per charge and takes about 5-6 hours to fully charge the battery.

$270 at Amazon

The Bets for Pets: RoboVac 11c

The 11c is designed for the pet owners among us. If you are constantly fighting the never-ending war against pet hair in your home, check out this one. It ups the suction to 1200Pa and also has an optimized suction inlet for better cleaning (according to eufy). It comes with boundary strips if you need to cordon off a section of the house or room and best of all, it's Wi-Fi enabled so you can connect it up to your smartphone.

$200 at Amazon

The Upgrade: RoboVac 11+

The 11+ is the upgraded version of the RoboVac 11. It upgrades the 3-Point Cleaning system with larger and more powerful brushes allowing for better cleaning. It also brings the BoostIQ™ Technology which automatically increases suction power when needed. eufy claims the front bumper has been improved as well for a more efficient cleaning path across the floor.

$300 at Amazon

Slim is in: RoboVac 11S

The 11S is the slimmest RoboVac eufy has ever made. It measures in at 2.85" which is small enough to fit under most furniture. It has increased suction power over the 11 at 1300Pa and also includes the BoostIQ™ Technology which automatically increases suction power if the vacuum detects a patch of floor that needs a little more power. It keeps the same runtime and charge times.

$225 at Amazon

More Connected: RoboVac 15C

The 15c is quite similar to the 11S but it's much smarter. This one is Wi-Fi enabled so you can connect it up to your smartphone to offer you much more control over your RoboVac. Not only that but you can also connect it up to Alexa so you can clean your floor with nothing but your voice. Best of all, it has a "Find My Robot" feature so you can locate it if it ever goes missing in the house somewhere.

$210 at Amazon

More Power: RoboVac 30

If your house is extra dirty and you need a bit more power out of your vac, this is the one for you. It pumps the suction all the way up to 1500Pa with a slightly larger dust bin as well. It also comes with boundary strips for those trickier rooms to navigate.

$270 at Amazon

Top of the Line: RoboVac 30C

If you're looking for the biggest and best you can get, this is the guy. It has the highest suction power at 1500Pa, it includes the boundary strips, and it's Wi-Fi enabled so you can hook it up to your smartphone, Alexa, and Google Assistant. There's not really much this guy can't do.

$240 at Amazon

I'm a huge fan of robot vacuums and eufy makes some pretty great ones. They all have subtle differences, however, and it can be a bit daunting to find the right one for you. I would recommend the RoboVac 15C as it offers a great balance of cleaning power and connectivity at a very reasonable price. No matter what your situation, there's something on this list for everyone.

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