'For All Mankind' stuffed an iPhone 12 Pro Max inside an Apple Newton

Apple Newton Iphone 12 Pro Max
Apple Newton Iphone 12 Pro Max (Image credit: Ben McGinnis)

What you need to know

  • A producer on "For All Mankind" has shared more about how the Apple Newton came to life in the series.
  • The crew managed to modify the device and stuff an iPhone 12 Pro Max inside.
  • The POV shots from the device were shot using the front-facing camera on the iPhone.

The story of the Apple Newton on "For All Mankind" continues to unfold.

Earlier this week, we reported that a cult-favorite Apple device, the Apple Newton, made a cameo in "For All Mankind." Today, we know just how they pulled it off.

Ben McGinnis, a producer for the series, posted a series of photos showing off the modified device. As explained by McGinnis, the team actually managed to fit an iPhone 12 Pro Max inside the housing of the Newton, enabling them to use the front-facing camera for the POV shots in the series.

The modified Newton was used as a video communications device in the third season of "For All Mankind." It's crazy to think that the user interface is likely an app or a video running on the iPhone 12 Pro Max inside.

Newton Messagepad In For All Mankind

Newton Messagepad In For All Mankind (Image credit: Product Placement Blog)

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