At WWDC last year, Chris Harris, Serenity Caldwell, and Chris Harris of TapJet sat down to talk about the future of the iMore app. We'd chatted off and on at the Ull conference and previous editions of WWDC. But this time it was serious. Coffee and not cocktails was involved.

Chris, it turns out, how worked with our head of product, David Lundblad, at a previous gig, so it was an easy project to get moving on. Especially when our new special projects lead, Jochen Doppelhammer got involved — his trains, they run on time.

Flash forward to today and, just a week or so after the new iMore web design launched, the new app is launching. And we couldn't be more proud.

iMore isn't just words, sounds, and video bits to us. It really is a way to learn more and be more together, through connected technology and all the various articles, podcasts, and shows we do.

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And now we have modern, more flexible, and most important, more expansive platforms to do that, both on the web and in the all new app.

With you.

So, yes, this is a new beginning of sorts. But there's more to come. Lots more.

If you're already using the iMore app for iPhone and iPad, you'll get the new app automatically as an update. If you haven't tried it yet, I welcome you to do so now.

And once you've given it a test-drive, please let us know what you think! We're especially interested in how you'd like us to prioritize the next wave of features. What do you want to see in the first few updates?

iMore app feedback and bug reports

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