Amazon launching their own login service for apps, games and websites

Following the likes of Google and Facebook, Amazon has announced "Login with Amazon," their own login service for apps, games and websites. Working in much the same way as competing services, Login with Amazon will allow developers to offer their users the chance to login to their products using an Amazon account.

The service is free to use for developers, and has already been trialled on Zappos and Woot. According to Amazon, both services saw "significant customer adoption." It uses Amazon's existing secure login system, and can be applied to a variety of apps, including on iOS.

Amazon has a massive quantity of registered users, and so adding the login systems opens up that potential to developers. Personally, I shy away from apps that only allow Facebook login -- number one, no Facebook account -- and I'm not overly keen on creating new accounts every time. I do however have an Amazon account, so this appeals. How about you guys; does a login service via Amazon inspire a little more confidence than say, Facebook?

Source: Amazon

Richard Devine

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