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Angry Birds sequel and multiplayer coming

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The highly popular game Angry Birds has a sequel on the way. This isn't simply Angry Birds 2, however. Rovio CEO Peter Vesterbacka announced that it would be from the pigs point of view. Angry Pigs, perhaps?

In addition, Vesterbacka announced that they are working on a multiplayer version of Angry Birds.

Multiplayer Angry Birds will be like old school Worms games. Multiplayer is a priority, but we have not determined the best way for our players to experience it yet.

This is all very exciting. Angry Birds has been nominated for a TiPb Award in the "favorite addictive game" category. At this rate, Angry Birds will be bigger than Tetris. In fact, that is Vesterbacka's goal.

So who's excited for some Angry Pigs and Worms-style multiplayer?


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  • For some reason, Angry Birds just doesn't appeal to me. This article brought up a comparison between it and Tetris which I completely agree on, because it turns out Tetris doesn't appeal to me either..
  • Ok there Eeyore, I like Angry Birds and look forward to seeing what happens.
  • i feel when u say "the pigs point of view", the gameplay will be opposite of angry birds where u have to build structures and strategically place your pigs to keep the birds from getting you, which may or may not be equally as addicting depending on how simply they are able to implement the idea.
    personally, I think that would be pretty sick.
  • Sounds exciting!
  • I hope it's something like the old Flash game Dinky Bomb. That was one of the best Flash games of all time.
  • Can't wait
  • I've never had the patience (or desire, apparently) to play video games, but I must confess to a mild addiction to Angry Birds (like 17 million others of you) :)
  • I can't wait! I'm sure my wife won't be happy though;)
  • Looking forward to seeing the Birds-Pigs war continue with the possibility of the Pigs fighting back, attacking the birds and flying too. Should be fun.
  • But why would I want to help the pigs??? I'm firmly on the birds side...