New Animal Crossing items: All items added with the January update

Acnh Festivale Items
Acnh Festivale Items (Image credit: Nintendo (screenshot))

With Festivale, Valentine's Day, and the Super Bowl on the horizon Nintendo saw fit to release another Animal Crossing update. As you might have guessed, the update includes plenty of fun items, decorations, and other collectibles to help you celebrate these upcoming events. Curious to see what you can add to your inventory? Thanks to the magic of datamining, we've already been able to get a look at the new Animal Crossing items coming in February. Here they all are.

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Festivale items

On February 15th Animal Crossing players get to celebrate Festivale with Pavé the peacock. This fabulous bird is all about flashy and colorful things. Here are some of the items players can collect while celebrating the event.

Swipe to scroll horizontally
NameColor variations
FeatherRow 0 - Cell 1
Festivale AccessoryRow 1 - Cell 1
Festivale Balloon LampRow 2 - Cell 1
Festivale Confetti MachineRow 3 - Cell 1
Festivale CostumeRow 4 - Cell 1
Festivale DrumRow 5 - Cell 1
Festivale FlagRow 6 - Cell 1
Festivale GarlandRow 7 - Cell 1
Festivale LampRow 8 - Cell 1
Festivale StageRow 9 - Cell 1
Festivale StallRow 10 - Cell 1
Festivale Tank DressRow 11 - Cell 1

Other items for February

In addition to Festivale, the January update brings items to help us celebrate the Lunar New Year, Valentine's Day, and the Super Bowl. Here are all of the fun items for these events.

Swipe to scroll horizontally
NameColor variations
Bean Tossing KitRow 0 - Cell 1
Bokjumeoni Lucky PouchRow 1 - Cell 1
Chocolate HeartRow 2 - Cell 1
Football RugRow 3 - Cell 1
MegaphoneRow 4 - Cell 1
Heart-Shaped BouquetRow 5 - Cell 1
Horned-Ogre MaskRow 6 - Cell 1
Lucky Red EnvelopeRow 7 - Cell 1
Lunar New Year DecorationRow 8 - Cell 1
MaracasRow 9 - Cell 1
Ogre CostumeRow 10 - Cell 1
Okame MaskRow 11 - Cell 1
Resetti ModelRow 12 - Cell 1

New Animal Crossing items

There are so many fun things coming to our islands. I can't wait to collect them all and then decorate my little getaway like crazy. What are you looking forward to collecting in February?

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